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Comment Archives: Stories: News + Opinion: Healthcare

Re: “Vermont's EpiPen Problem Is About Price and Politics

I agree other alternatives should be explored & developed and the Mylan monopoly crushed.

Unfortunately, the above suggestion while inexpensive is simply not feasible. When experiencing anaphylaxis, the immediate shutting down of multiple body systems, a syringe & a vial would be next to impossible to navigate for an adult, let alone a child or parent of a child fighting to survive.

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Posted by Krista Gaffney Metivier on 09/18/2016 at 10:13 AM

Re: “Vermont's EpiPen Problem Is About Price and Politics

What you said! Combat Capitalism with Capitalism! And perhaps someone could convince the federal government to remove, or at least reduce the barriers to creating a generic version of EpiPen, like what THOSEGREENMOUNTAINS said above!

Posted by Fat Boy on 09/16/2016 at 4:49 PM

Re: “Waiting to Inhale: Lawmakers Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21

18 is the age of legal adulthood. We need to allow consumers to make their own decisions when it comes to things like this and stop trying to add costly legislation around it. This is obnoxious. Yes, smoking is bad for you - everyone knows that. But an adult should be allowed to make his/her own decisions when it comes down to it. Unless we raise the voting and military age to 21, I will never support this. I also believe the drinking age should be lowered to age 18, and all illicit substances should be decriminalized (except for use/sale/transport by a minor, of course). Vermonters can, in fact, take care of themselves if given the tools and opportunity to do so. Let's stop treating our citizens like children and let them make their own ways.

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Posted by ThoseGreenMountains on 09/16/2016 at 2:28 PM

Re: “Vermont's EpiPen Problem Is About Price and Politics

Perhaps the state should look at alternatives to the EpiPen since nobody requires access to the brand name. A simple vial of epinephrine and a syringe would cost consumers about $14 per injection, which is less than half a percent of what Mylan charges. Sometimes, convenience is costly. I don't blame Mylan for wanting to make money. Mylan is an innovative health care corporation. I would look to the FDA for allowing patents that block competition, and I would look at insurance carriers, including Medicaid and Medicare, to add better consumer protections. Why not remove the EpiPen from the formulary list and offer patients epinephrine with a syringe instead? Mylan simply charges for the convenience of the spring-loaded dispensing mechanism.

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Posted by ThoseGreenMountains on 09/16/2016 at 2:23 PM

Re: “Vermont's EpiPen Problem Is About Price and Politics

Its all blood money and supported by american capitalism which means that people die in this country because they can't afford medications, everyday, while there are multi-millionaires running this companies.

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Posted by Mark Montalban on 09/14/2016 at 5:25 PM

Re: “Opiate-Addiction Implant Offers an Option to Those in Recovery

This new treatment industry is just ridiculous. A dishwasher has been on buprenorphine for 5 years for an addiction to percocet? JUST QUIT. Yes, you will be sick, yes, it is awful, and then it is over and you can move on.

Unfortunately, I speak from experience. My doctor put me on percocets for 11 months. I quit last August cold turkey after the pain clinic accused me of not wanting surgery just to keep taking pain killers. I went home and spent 4 days in hell detoxing by myself, in a heat wave in August.

You know what? After that, I will never take opiates again. I learned the hard way, something these people all need to do.

We need to stop coddling people, otherwise they don't learn anything and just keep repeating dysfunctional behavior, and we all end up paying for it. Oh, you don't want to be sick?? Too bad, that is the price you pay for taking opiates. You will not die, and you will hopefully not put yourself in that position again. No pain, no gain. Sounds harsh but the truth is never easy to hear.

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Posted by Elrod on 08/07/2016 at 2:34 AM

Re: “Opiate-Addiction Implant Offers an Option to Those in Recovery

Gotta love it when the FDA "Fast Tracks" new, Pharmaceutical products. Screw the testing, get em out to market, the investors are waiting for their returns!!!

$5000. for drugs, to replace other drugs. Probably destroy your liver and kidneys while they "help" with your drug addiction. Meanwhile, commonly available, natural herbs that cost $20. for a month supply & acupuncture at $85./session can do the same thing, minus all the damage and profiteering.

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Posted by FreedomToThink on 08/03/2016 at 6:00 PM

Re: “What's in the Water? In Some Places, Traces of Lead and Chemicals

Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg.…

Posted by Kai Mikkel Førlie on 04/02/2016 at 5:01 PM

Re: “Waiting to Inhale: Lawmakers Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21

Lower the smoking age to 12. I mean the Jews consider you a man at the age. After all, this is America and someone has to contribute to our outrageous cost for healthcare (if you're lucky enough to have it). Also, the younger a smoker starts, the less social security they'll collect. Really it's a win/win. Lastly, if you are on death row, the smoking age should be banned all together.

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Posted by Mark Lade on 04/01/2016 at 8:07 AM

Re: “Waiting to Inhale: Lawmakers Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21

Raising the age to 21 is a good idea. Most smokers get addicted before 18 and got their cigarettes from peers who are 18 - like high school seniors. A smaller amount of smokers get hooked a couple years after. This bill would make a big dent in the number of people becoming addicted to smoking.

Also, if Peter Shumlin has any sense he will support this bill, and not veto it as a parting shot against the office he's leaving, like Bob Kiss did when he vetoed the Church St. ban. He could learn a thing by studying how Kiss' political career went after leaving the mayor's office.

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Posted by Alex McHenry on 03/31/2016 at 10:13 PM

Re: “Waiting to Inhale: Lawmakers Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21

Yup you have register for the service at 18, you can buy a bar at 18, but can't drink in can get a loan and credit card at can get a drivers license at 15..but god forbid you smoke!!!
I'm not a smoker but I feel it's a person right to choose what they want to do..Vermont liberals has taken enough of our rights away from us..Last time I looked this was America, home of the free.. now you can't even shit without someone complaining about it..I've always said the more democrats/liberals who have moved here, they will take over, they want Vermont to be a non-alcohol state, now they want it to be a non-smoking state..

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Donna Boutin on 03/31/2016 at 8:50 PM

Re: “Waiting to Inhale: Lawmakers Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21

Perhaps we should raise the minimum age limit to 65 ? Never understood why you can die for your country or vote or be executed at 18 but not consume alcohol till 21 . And now tobacco ?

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Posted by Rich ard on 03/31/2016 at 6:25 PM

Re: “Waiting to Inhale: Lawmakers Consider Raising Smoking Age to 21

The smoking age should be raised. I wonder what the idiots who thought banning smoking in parks targets the poor are going to think.

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Posted by Mt.Philo on 03/30/2016 at 8:07 PM

Re: “What's in the Water? In Some Places, Traces of Lead and Chemicals

The Little Hamlet of Putney is host to the "SOUNDVIEW" paper mill, the sweet sackers brook winds it clean and lovely way towards the mill, and I walk by it, enjoying its beauty in sadness, for I know, below the mill, it will have added dioxin and other contaminates. The little neighborhood below the square has had 4 of the 5 cases of clef pallet, a more serious condition then clef lip, in the State of Vermont. So it is with mixed feeling that I send my recyclable paper to the bin, for I know the poisons that this plant will dump to reuse it. Oh, Oh the health of our next generation, so much less important than the profit and the jobs, so it goes with a criminal money system. Why not talk about cleaning up that?

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Posted by Emily Peyton on 03/22/2016 at 11:05 AM

Re: “What's in the Water? In Some Places, Traces of Lead and Chemicals

Posted by Domino on 03/17/2016 at 3:56 PM

Re: “What's in the Water? In Some Places, Traces of Lead and Chemicals

Five years to shut down an arsenic-contaminated water supply is effective oversight? Four months for notification of lead contamination? Guess it depends on if you and your children are unwittingly drinking it.

Here are the links to the reports ...………………………………

Knowledge is power. Contact me if you are interested in being a part of the change we need to see.

James Ehlers
Lake Champlain International
james @

Note: Look us up on Facebook for more info on the topic of contaminated drinking water and lax monitoring.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

And, we have it easy. We only need change our little corner here in VT!

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Posted by James Ehlers on 03/17/2016 at 11:58 AM

Re: “What's in the Water? In Some Places, Traces of Lead and Chemicals

20-30% of Burlington children are not tested for lead levels. Lead is in paint in old housing stock (pre 1978) and in soil where children play. Testing is voluntary. The high cost of health care and education for children who are lead poisoned, as well as high incidence of criminality later in life, makes this a public health issue. Kids are forced to get vaccinated, but not lead tested. I wrote my Representatives and they aren't interested.

I admire Senators Sears and Campion for caring, and getting on ANR/DEC's case. DEC knew for months that contaminated soil was dumped in our neighborhood park, upslope of the lake, and they never informed residents. ANR/DEC sees it's role today as partners with cities and towns, and when contamination will cost the municipality money to remove or remediate, they look the other way, hold test results for months, and facilitate deception and delay.

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Posted by leaterhune on 03/16/2016 at 10:36 PM

Re: “A New Prescription for Treating Health Care — the 'All-Payer' System

These ACO:s are nothing more than capitated HMOs. What is not spent on care then gets divided up among the providers. This is a system that puts doctors in the position of executioners. Why is it these meddlers never look to the only system that has ever been shown to reduce costs: people paying their own bills out of their private HSAs?

3 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Val 1 on 02/10/2016 at 4:00 PM

Re: “A New Prescription for Treating Health Care — the 'All-Payer' System

With the current track record why would anyone trust the snake oil salesman, er..Shumlin

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Posted by ConcernedVter on 02/10/2016 at 1:51 PM

Re: “UVM Medical Center Has Grown Into a Billion-Dollar Monolith

It's amazing to see all of this growth and monolith billion dollar budget, but the focus seems to be on facilitates and growth with little mentioning patient care. My observations of my father's care is that there needs to be more investment in real patient care rather than just facilities.

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Posted by Paul Dandurand on 02/08/2016 at 1:49 PM

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