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Re: “Vermont Inmate No. 144711 Is a 90-Year-Old Veteran

"What kind of eldercare facility allows one of their residents to be taken out in handcuffs just for getting agitated?"

One that wants to keep staff. Assaulting healthcare workers is a crime in several states, including Vermont. Being a 90-year-old veteran does not make anyone a saint.

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Posted by Liz Leyden on 03/25/2017 at 9:30 PM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

What this article fails to mention about this terrible legislation is that ALL guns in the home would be seized. Including any belonging to the victim. So if the abuser returns, the victim has also lost the means for self defense. I know someone whose ex has been stalking her for over a year, violating multiple restraining orders. She is convinced that the only thing stopping him from kicking in her door is the knowledge that she has a gun and knows how to use it

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Posted by Heidi Clark on 03/25/2017 at 8:46 AM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

Norm, regarding your unconstitutional proposal to "temporarily remove weapons from the domestic abuse scene was one of the measures that received overwhelming support..."
The facts however, disprove the "overwhelming support."
Only 25% of the voters in Burlington actually cared enough to go vote.
There was a difference of 11.8% of the voters to SUPPORT the charter change.
Yet you consider 11.8% overwhelming support?
Your continued support for unconstitutional bills is disturbing, but not surprising.

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Posted by bobdepino on 03/25/2017 at 8:41 AM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

No mention of the Fourth or Fifth Amendments, the real casualties of this bill. While it does have Second Amendment ramifications, it goes far beyond that with its overreach. This bill presumes guilt in contradiction to the Fifth, and legalizes the unlawful search for and seizure of private property without any conviction of guilt in violation of the Fourth. Keep in mind that the Constitution does not enumerate rights "granted" to the citizenry by government, but is the restraint of government. THESE RIGHTS ARE UNASSAILABLE, and for this article to mention neither the Fourth or Fifth Amendment violations inherent in this horrible piece of legislation is nothing short of shameful.

There are a great deal of folks with an irrational fear of firearms. By focusing on guns, we ignore the greater concern, the removal of our rights to trial and freedom from unwarranted search and seizure. What will this apply to next?

Generally, the responsible thing to do with a mess is clean it up, not try to pass it off as somehow beneficial. This bill is a clear attempt to cater to the gun-control crowd as they grasp at straws for ANYTHING that can be spun to pass off as a "win".

In closing, it is my understanding that after noting what a mess this bill is, one committee member suggested that rather than continue discussion in committee, they should "just vote on it". This bill is garbage, and even those supporting it are clearly aware of the fact.

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Posted by Mike Covey on 03/25/2017 at 1:04 AM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

Now that H.422 has had its run through the House, let me make a comment as to what each "Yes" vote accomplished, as I see it:

1. Presented a willingness to circumvent multiple constitutional amendments (the fourth and fifth, at least). These have been brought up many times in many articles on this subject. No doubt Vermont will now face many extremely expensive constitutional law suits.

2. When someone with extreme anger management issues gets released SOON after being arrested...and they usually do get released VERY SOON...and right after having seen their possessions unconstitutionally do you think they're going to react when they get home? And, at who? You really believe this is just a little 5-day inconvenience of a confiscation to them which they'll just get over? They still have a house full of potential weapons, including bare hands, at their disposal.

Yup...each "yes" vote has contributed to the start of a chain of events that will result in the eventual murder of an abused spouse. This is not an exaggeration.

3. When an abused spouse (of either gender) knows how coming forward with a dangerous situation will result in confiscation and the additional dangerous angering of their abusive you believe this victim will be, in any way, encouraged to speak up? Yup...each "yes" vote in favor of this bill has resulted in the start of a chain of events whereby many abused spouses will remain in the shadows for fear of further retaliation by the abuser.

So, the folks in the House who voted yes to this have made an EXTREMELY dangerous situation MUCH worse.

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Posted by Will Waizenegger on 03/24/2017 at 10:27 PM

Re: “Vermont Inmate No. 144711 Is a 90-Year-Old Veteran

This story does not bode well for an aging baby boomer generation. When dementia strikes, we may all be aggressive and agitated, and the zombie apocalypse will be upon us with wandering dementia patients with nowhere to go. This is an allegedly progressive state. Can't we do better? And why should his claimed behavior decades ago with his children change our current obligation to care for our elderly and infirm?

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Posted by Barbara Alsop on 03/24/2017 at 2:24 PM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

Imagine a country where:
You could be forced from your house and kids based solely on a lie.
You appear in court, guilty until you prove yourself innocent.
If you cannot afford and attorney, one will not provided to you.
You cannot subpoena evidence by those that accused you.
Your Trial is not done by a jury of your peers, but by a poorly trained family court judge who's ruling you will never be able to appeal because of the wide discretion they are afforded.
Even if you prove yourself innocent, your accuser is never held accountable for their actions.

You dont have to imagine, it is the USA under the current domestic violence laws.

Domestic violence is an ugly crime, so are false accusations of abuse. This is the reality of Vermont

This law does nothing to reduce the threat of future incidents domestic violence but is surely does enable and enhance the motivation to submit false allegations of abuse.

Perhaps a rider could be attached to this that would:
A) Require the State to prosecute any allegation of abuse that was later determined to be unfounded.
B) Provide funding to all Law Enforcement to provide proper and adequate storage of confiscated firearms to prevent any damage.

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Posted by Martin on 03/24/2017 at 9:40 AM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

"But, she argued, the bill is the best way to address the threat hanging over domestic violence victims: "Unfortunately, firearms are used in these situations."

So you want to deem a person dangerous enough to warrant taking away their firearms, but not dangerous enough to take them into custody and keep them there? After which they can then use a baseball bat, their fists, boots, a kitchen knife, car/truck, chainsaw etc etc etc... I guess limited intellect equals limited solutions.

If Rhonda Gray had been killed with anything other than a gun, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. The focus would be on the killer and the root of the problem instead of on 1 object out of a possible 1000 that could have been used. Anyone that honestly believes that taking a gun out of the hands of a deranged person, turns them into a perfectly normal person, shouldn't be allowed to hold public office.

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Posted by FreedomToThink on 03/23/2017 at 12:53 PM

Re: “Vermont Inmate No. 144711 Is a 90-Year-Old Veteran

What kind of eldercare facility allows one of their residents to be taken out in handcuffs just for getting agitated?

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Posted by ReneBushey on 03/22/2017 at 7:51 PM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

Good Article Terry though you missed what legislative council said, that it had a "trifecta of constitutional problems."
So didn't the Defender General saying it circumvented the judicial and due process.

@Norm Blais,
How many times was your license to practice law suspended? O.o Bad advice to your client? BTW How come you didn't run again for city council?

" received overwhelming support at the polls when Burlington voters" Yea polls. Remember when California banned Marriage Equality via referendum? Hmmm ? Polls don't always lead Constitutional Laws. In Fact, they have a very poor record of Constitutional protection. That is why Vermont is a Republic.

No the NRA didn't stop your bill. Blame the "boogie man" all you want, but the legislature council did. Shall I quote the minutes?
The NRA spent roughly $7K according to the VT SEC State's office, BUT the Gun Sense VT and Everytown Spent over $254K .

17 states have laws similar. 4 have not been enforced, 3 are on judicial appeal and 5 are being challenged in court.
Yea. Due process. What do you know about it?

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Posted by Bob Pierre on 03/22/2017 at 7:02 PM

Re: “Up in Arms: Bill Would Let Cops Take Guns in Domestic Violence Cases

Folks may remember that such a provision to temporarily remove weapons from the domestic abuse scene was one of the measures that received overwhelming support at the polls when Burlington voters proposed such a change to its charter several years ago. This support at the polls was in the face of a significant effort by NRA-types to defeat the measure. Hopefully members of the legislature have more spine now than they did when they refused to allow the Burlington measure to become law.
Norm Blais

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Posted by Norm Blais on 03/22/2017 at 11:11 AM

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