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Re: “Chip Flip: IBM's Departure is Shumlin's October Surprise

On the Vermont Election Trail – Governor’s Race - Paul Heintz’s Seven Days Story

Mr. Spaulding there is “No Good News” in sale of IBM!

Shumlin once again points to the big IBM “cow pie” and claims victory; in what universe is the offloading of a multi-million dollar loser operation a positive story? After losing big dollars on its obsolete chip business in Essex Junction and in New York – IBM finally “sells” the operations to GlobalFoundries (Global). Of course “sell” is a euphemism for the reality that IBM had to bribe Global with $1.5 billion (that’s billion with a “B”) to take this obsolete dinosaur off their hands. They choose to do because of their continued need the chips produce at the plant on a short term basis as they transition to their production to state-of-the-art chips like those produced by Global at their new facility in Malta NY- yet could not continue to afford hemorrhaging operating capital to make the chips themselves .

The advantage for Global is not the aging, antiquated (c1990 and earlier) Essex Junction plant, rather the talented technicians and designers employed there are the prize. For over a year, Global has been actively attempting to “poach” the Vermonters at IBM to staff their new “FAB 8” facility at Malta – going so far as actively advertising in the Burlington papers (including Seven Days), hold “Job Fairs” specifically targeting the IBM employees and even setting up a recruitment office in Essex Junction. Now in one “fell swoop” they have acquired the “prize” they have worked so diligently to obtained, the talented Vermonters, who had resisted Global’s seductive offers (not everyone wishes to work in New York for Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, hereditary ruler of Abu Dhabi, president of the United Arab Emirates and ultimately the owner of Global.) The Vermont IBMers now have no choice but to genuflect to their new foreign masters! (Spare me the global economy tripe!)

After the dust has settled and the election has passed, Global will announce the closing of Essex Junction having found the physical plant outmoded, unusable and unneeded; as their state-o-the-art Malta plant provides them with sufficient capacity and adequate staffing, with the addition of the 4,000 former IBM Vermonters.

Now Vermont’s own “Flim-Flam” man, Pete Shumlin will tell us that the closing and transfer of employees is “good news” since the transaction will not increase our unemployment numbers and the former IBM physical plant will provide available space for new (yet to be found) companies to avail themselves of. Never mind the devastating loss of jobs, business and revenue – Shumlin will point with pride to his brilliance management of the situation – he’s the “man” who tries to persuade us that there is a “silver lining” in every “cow pie.”

Somebody should tell Mr. Spaulding (and Emperor Shumlin) that this is NOT good news for Vermont!

Dan Feliciano in the Race to the end!

Few remember that this is not Dan Feliciano’s first gubernatorial run, in 2010 he was on the ballot and received 1,341 votes (.57% of the vote). Dan is a smart, affable fellow with many well thoughtout ideas as well as some libertarian ideas that doom his chances. While I agree with his main stand on the rejection of “single payer”, his stand on eliminating public schools in favor of a voucher system is DOA as the teacher’s unions, a powerful force in Vermont politics, would never allow such an idea to see the light of day AND the libertarian position on the legalization of all drugs and the release of all imprisoned for drug offenses is a nonstarter. I sincerely believe that Dan could be an important asset in designing a workable plan for a competitive private sector “universal care” model for Vermont – we need more smart people and less political schemers in our state government!

Dan has a personal investment in his run (as do all candidates) and unfortunately does not see that the most important goal , this election seasons, is to remove Shumlin from the Governor’ Office. Shumlin plays (promotes) Dan is off against Milne – knowing that Dan’s continued efforts ultimately insure his (Shumlin’s) election victory. Dan and I spoke of this problem over a month ago and he believed that Milne should bow out of the race and allow him (Feliciano) to take the lead. I get it! It is really tough to make a move for the greater good when you see yourself as the superior candidate! In the end, Dan’s decision will result in a Shumlin win and a loss for all Vermonters.

Paul Heintz’s Distorted View and Hirt Pride!

At the end of Milne’s “Education” press conference, Paul tried a little “got ya’” journalism. When Paul started asking several off topic questions (unrelated tothe education discussion), Scott refused to answer at that time. When Paul retorted “are you kidding me?”, Milne admonished Paul for not attending or covering his earlier events, and invited Paul to contact him later in-person or by phone so he (Milne) could get him up to speed. It was obvious that Paul was not pleased with being put in his place by Milne in front of the Vermont Press corps (especially their dean, Bob Kinzel at VPR.)

Paul, time to start reporting instead of editorializing and pontificating – your readers would prefer to have accurate journalism “Just the Facts, man; Just the Facts!”

H. Brooke Paige, Washington, Vermont

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Posted by Brooke Paige on 10/26/2014 at 9:28 PM

Re: “Party Time: Vermont Dems Have an Organizational Edge

Watch Dumb and Dumber having lunch!

Obama informs that Vermont is a state in the “Northwest” and that our governor is Pete “Sumlin”. They declare that Obama can move heaven and earth – I guess he has moved Vermont to the West Coast and has appointed Mr. “Sumlin” to replace Mr Shumlin as our governor. Can I vote for Mr. Sumlin” in November? Anyone would be an improvement over our current fearless leader!…

Posted by Brooke Paige on 10/16/2014 at 10:43 AM

Re: “Single Issue: Will Health Care or Property Taxes Motivate Vermont Voters?

Vermont is a beautiful state. I'm not a resident but I own property there. Liberal Vermont politicians strongly believe that Vermont is a "Disney World" and second home owners need to pay high property taxes to enjoy the privilege of part time residency. Non-residents already pay higher taxes than residents and receive much less Government service. Funding health care from property tax will increase that inequity. Wake up Vermont liberals, there are lots of nice places to live. By the way, many of those places have better weather.

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Posted by Jeff Locke on 10/09/2014 at 12:03 PM

Re: “Single Issue: Will Health Care or Property Taxes Motivate Vermont Voters?

Good Luck Neighbors Shumlin is out to bankrupt the entire state. His band of jackals destroyed health care connect. Everyone I know who has come in contact with this morass of a program ends up in tears or tearing their hair out or both. Recently retired high powered attorneys to the lunch lady at the school. This man and his band of incompetent fools have burned through 100 million dollars and what have we got nothing to show for it he took the entire system off line and gave up before the election.
Shumlin is a feckless liar and a coward.

School Property taxes won't get fixed.

If the recent story inthe NY post is any indication… his economist are lying through their teeth about the employment numbers.

And the reality is showing up at the food bank in droves record numbers are being fed via the kindness of strangers over 25% of Vermonts population. Im certain another cold winter and folks will be starving but Pete will promise they all get helath care 25% cant pay for food who will buy their health care. its all Freemium Ello?

Are you voters insane the democrats are running this place into the ground.

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Posted by Walt on 10/08/2014 at 9:47 PM

Re: “Single Issue: Will Health Care or Property Taxes Motivate Vermont Voters?

"My expectations for legislative action to solve property tax challenges are not exuberant, for the reason that I have yet to hear anyone walking around with a plan for which there's consensus that it solves the problem," Shumlin told Seven Days last week.

Again, I have been mislead. I thought it was the Governor and the Legislature's mandate to ". . . solve the problem." not to wait for some unknown entity to knock on the door with a solution.

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Posted by John Dupee on 10/08/2014 at 9:07 PM

Re: “Single Issue: Will Health Care or Property Taxes Motivate Vermont Voters?

10% school tax increases two years in a row in South Burlington, my home town. Unsustainable. Stick that in your sustainability agenda.

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Posted by Linus Leavens on 10/08/2014 at 8:51 PM

Re: “Single Issue: Will Health Care or Property Taxes Motivate Vermont Voters?

Shumlin lies and says we wait until January to see his plan to pay for health care. Get a clue. He is a pathological liar. You are being led to slaughter. Wake up. Maybe its the fluoride.

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Posted by Linus Leavens on 10/08/2014 at 8:49 PM

Re: “Plan B: A Lefty Lawyer Has His Own Prescription for Single-Payer

A federal court ruled ACA subsidies unconstitutional so until SCOTUS decides the issue, its best to file this plan away under Plan B.

Posted by John Cisar on 10/02/2014 at 11:39 AM

Re: “Plan B: A Lefty Lawyer Has His Own Prescription for Single-Payer

Deb Richter, a Montpelier physician and founder of Vermont Health Care for All, says she's spoken with Franco about his concept, but considers it more of a "back of the napkin" theory, because it hasn't been vetted by economists, well, neither has The Health Care Committee's plan to fund our 2.2 billion health care plan been vetted. Mr. Fisher, who knows the plan to raise our taxes to come up with this huge amount of money, crickets.

Posted by Valerie Mullin on 10/01/2014 at 10:06 PM

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