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Comment Archives: Stories: News + Opinion: Poli Psy

Re: “Opinion: Listen Up, Bernie

It's your opinion, m'am, and that's fine..but what nonsense. Sanders doesn't artfully convey empathy and emotional validation (tools of the trade for therapists) - on demand as it were - when interrupted and heckled by PEOPLE HE SUPPORTS ...and he's "clueless"? Huh. 'Clearly since Bernie didn't say "of course" with the proper emphasis and word placement...well, he's obviously another angry, insensitive white man who can't feel anyone else's pain'. All smart, "non-vulgar" intellectuals agree..... Not so much. Here's another reading of the words "of course": how about "You gotta' be kidding? Anyone who doesn't think that the murder of blacks must stop now should be disqualified from running - in the minds of any, civilized American citizen" How about "I'm not going to pander and perform by stating something so patently obvious - and which, by the way, is a low bar - in order to portray a caring person as seen on TV". How about this: any leader who says he or she is "going to do something" about entrenched, racist feelings in this country is a liar. Why? Because they have no power to change the hatred that motivates scores of cops to recklessly use abusive, murderous force on Black citizens. How about this? Racism lives on because it is incredibly profitable in so many ways. Let's step out of the circular firing squad, shall we?

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Posted by Faith Biggs King on 08/21/2015 at 12:56 PM

Re: “Opinion: Listen Up, Bernie

Want Bernie to win? Get him to listen to what Judith says here. Anything else is just stomping hooves & raising dust.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Sharon Thompson on 08/18/2015 at 11:22 AM

Re: “Opinion: Listen Up, Bernie

Can't criticize Bernie or his stormtroopers attack you.

2 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by knowyourassumptions on 08/17/2015 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Opinion: Listen Up, Bernie

Wow. How about saving some of your vitriol for the other three dozen candidates?! Um Clinton, Trump, Bush, etc.? Any one asking them the hard questions about race? Utterly one sided.

9 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by ukolowiczd on 08/16/2015 at 4:25 PM

Re: “Opinion: Listen Up, Bernie

Hey look. Another anti-Bernie article from the Weinberger-loving 7-Days. Sanders is interrupted at a speech, he is bad. Weinberger sells Burlington to the highest bidder, he is good.

7 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Mark Lade on 08/14/2015 at 10:06 AM

Re: “UVM: At What Cost STEM?

I don't know Vermont's numbers in particular, but nationwide we're generating about 50% more new STEM graduates every year than job openings in those fields. I'd like to see these employers who are supposedly clamoring for qualified workers be more specific. With so many unemployed graduates not finding work in their field, why is there such a mismatch?

Posted by Joe Weinmunson on 06/22/2015 at 2:23 PM

Re: “UVM: At What Cost STEM?

When an article begins with "We're here to celebrate the start of a new era at the University of Vermont," crowed UVM president Tom Sullivan", you know the leanings of the author . Crowed ? President Sullivan was proudly announcing a major step for UVM . The word crowed is clearly used to frame the writers own feeling about this announcement . I'm sure Ms Levine feels the money would be better spent churning out a few more philosophy or gender study majors .

4 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Rich ard on 06/22/2015 at 1:33 PM

Re: “UVM: At What Cost STEM?

The author makes some fine observations; this is certainly a conversation worth having. Very unfortunate that she drew such a false and divisive line separating "engineers and physicists" from"artists, diplomats and ministers". Any good historian can provide myriad counter-examples on both fronts.

5 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by champlainkayak on 06/19/2015 at 8:32 PM

Re: “UVM: At What Cost STEM?

Must reading for legislators and others.

3 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by Stephen Finner on 06/18/2015 at 9:30 AM

Re: “Infectious Dis-Ease: Ebola Scare Tactics

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Posted by Alice Crystal on 06/08/2015 at 7:49 PM

Re: “Republicratic Values: Cuts to the Poor

Sadly, the Governer has found a great way to spend $60 million without any signs of progress with VHC, and his alternative if it still isn't working within a year is to default to the federal plan? Investing in our future yes, gambling our tax money away, no. Common sense goes a long way.

Posted by Shaun Boyce on 03/29/2015 at 1:52 PM

Re: “Republicratic Values: Cuts to the Poor

Sadly, this article nails it. We have cut so deeply that our government hardly functions. We don't invest in our future. I'd be happy to pay more in taxes to fix our roads, clean our lake, educate our kids, provide health care, weatherize our buildings, etc. We've lost sight of how we all benefit through investment. The only thing I see trickling down is contempt for government which is the logical outcome of cutting spending to the point where government can't deliver the services needed.

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Jeffrey Gephart on 03/26/2015 at 9:45 AM

Re: “Revenge Porn: Is Shaming Criminal?

Here's an idea: don't send pics of yourself with no clothes on. Also, don't star in any home made porn flicks. Once again, as in many situations, take responsibility for your actions. Then we won't need to rely on govt to enact laws that protect against self-stupidity.

1 like, 2 dislikes
Posted by MarkW on 03/02/2015 at 1:01 PM

Re: “Revenge Porn: Is Shaming Criminal?

What thoughtful, practical advice for women whose personal and professional lives have been destroyed by this. Apparently resisting shame is all it takes to prevent being fired from your job, why didn't those other women think of that?

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Lillie K. Bleau on 02/27/2015 at 12:22 PM

Re: “Revenge Porn: Is Shaming Criminal?

This is the most pathetic argument. Resist being shamed? That's it? Ugh. Sorry, that's a bit weak. Revenge porn isn't just about shame. It's about destroying a person and the image others hold of them. It seeks to destroy credibility and appeal, all for an individual's hurt feelings. When did someone's pride being hurt become a valid reason to broadcast private pictures of an intimate nature? That's just bull.

4 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by alizabeth on 02/26/2015 at 9:35 PM

Re: “How Not to Protect Children: Senate Bill 9

I'm all for trying to mandate mandatory reporting but in relation to the senate's bill I'd much rather see vastly expanded access to a) sex ed & male anti-violence curriculum in schools and society in general, b) ubiquitous family planning & abortion services, c) meaningful and good paying jobs and the creation of a mandatory certification program for anyone planing to have or otherwise expecting a child (with a built-in sensitivity component for expectant victims of sexual assault). The senate's plan largely feels like another wasted effort and one only designed to help kids a tiny bit while further growing the prison population. Its not tackling the root source of the problems that lead to child abuse and neglect.

Posted by Kai Mikkel Førlie on 02/02/2015 at 4:34 PM

Re: “As Africans Die of Ebola, the West's Rich Get Richer

Undoing massive inequality suddenly appears possible. This November 2014 study ([1] ) deals directly with this, highlighting Gilens' (Princeton study) data. It has found the most unusual (indeed counterintuitive) source for our current explosion in inequality and campaign financing (1970 to present). D'Angelo found it in a place that surely no economist would look, the secret ballot.

Considered by many to have crushed the first gilded age, the secret ballot was introduced en masse in the US starting in 1890. By 1940 it was everywhere (all citizens and congressmen voted privately). And then for 30 years life was pretty good. Inequality was dropping, so were a number of other metrics, partisanship, campaign finance etc. And then, October 26th, 1970 there was a crack in our air-tight democracy - The Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 opened up the votes of Congress (the committee of the whole). Dubbed a ’sunshine law’, this bill has only ever been considered a good thing.

The trouble is, we vote in secret for a reason – reasons most Americans forget. Every time votes are public we get massive explosion in two types of electoral fraud. The first form of Electoral Fraud is Vote Buying (Tammany Hall, etc), with as much as 20% of the electorate being paid to vote a specific way (often poor individuals being paid with a chicken wing or a beer). The second form is Voter Intimidation, often times people would vote in the local court house, and they would just announce their vote to the local staff. The trouble with voting publicly (stating your votes to a clerk) is that often citizens were voting on deputies and sheriffs who were sitting right there in the court house, listening. It is hard to vote against an evil Sheriff if he can see how you vote. It is easy to see the problem there.

Interestingly, this is exactly what now happens in our Congress. Inside of congress, Voter intimidation leads to massive partisanship and polarization, and the vote buying leads to what some congressmen call ‘legalized bribery’. The convictions, admissions and stories of this are common (Jack Abramoff, ABACAM, etc etc). And this change in 1970 has led to a feedback loop that responds to the ever increasing money in Washington. Indeed The Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 is the cause for the phenomenal growth of K-street. And all the big firms were born just months after it passed. The trouble is no one has ever called it what it is, Electoral Fraud. And the beauty is, all these alarming trends can be reversed by re-instating the secret ballot.

NOTE: This summary isn't half as good as D'Angelo's original research/video - full of charts and stats and analysis

Posted by James DAngelo on 11/28/2014 at 11:34 PM

Re: “Infectious Dis-Ease: Ebola Scare Tactics

The first press report about Italia was in the NY Times last week. The case mentioned at the end of this article was later confirmed to be Vermont's own Dr. Italia. The Times reported that he threatened to bring Ebola to the US, according to higher ups in the federal government.

NY Times writes: "And the virus has presented at least one unusual challenge for law enforcement agencies, senior American officials said on Sunday. They described how agencies had urgently investigated a man who wrote a bizarre post on social media that he was going to try and contract Ebola in Africa and then return to the United States."

The Governor of Vermont denied knowledge of this report. Most other press reports have ignored this reported threat.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Ken Danieli on 11/05/2014 at 3:40 PM

Re: “Infectious Dis-Ease: Ebola Scare Tactics

The rural town in Vermont is not Rutland. This has been widely reported.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Ken Danieli on 11/05/2014 at 2:29 PM

Re: “Infectious Dis-Ease: Ebola Scare Tactics

Kaci registered a fever at the airport. (After she came from having direct contact with dying Ebola patients for a month where many hospitals are tents without floors....and having a roommate in Africa who contracted Ebola but doestn't know how.) The authorities had to take her in to check her out because of her risk of having been exposed and her basic symptoms and released her to home isolation after a few days observation and testing. Perfectly reasonable.

2 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Ken Danieli on 11/05/2014 at 2:06 PM

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