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Re: “‘Reactionary Fringe’ Pushes Back Against Mayor’s ‘Trash Talk’

[This is a response to the knowyourassumptions comment last evening.] Mr. KYA says that the CLC being less rude is an objectively false statement. He says weve been trying to carpetbomb the online debate, call names (etc.). He goes on to call the CLC inflammatory, shrill, and accusatory. His defensiveness is an attack. Why would civil debate appear to be positional blindness? Must we see things one way? Lets debate the logic, and not the tone. If I find his calling CLC shrill and accusatory to be sort of shrill and accusatory, does it matter? Should the City expect no discussion, or difference of opinion? After all, the City and the CLC apparently have different sensibilities. The CLC is not anti it proposes that progress is often better served with more public input, and with less emphasis on growing the city beyond its character and charm. Progress does not always mean building something especially if it is unclear what the result will be. I hope we can have a civil discussion about this.

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Posted by stickinthemud on 01/19/2017 at 12:45 PM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

Andrew, this is an opinion piece. The author just recently started working at Seven Days, so he probably isn't accountable for any coverage, or lack thereof, on Shumlin. Furthermore, Shumlin isn't governor. Phil Scott is. So there will probably be more attention paid to Phil Scott in the future, because he is relevant.

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Posted by Scott Pavek on 01/19/2017 at 10:44 AM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

So, this is news? I beg to differ. Perhaps this writer should have held the more fire and heat to Peter Shumlin! What kind of gala did he throw and who paid for it? We know that it was Not the 5th grade educated neighbor who Mr Shumlin tried to steal his home for pennies on the dollar! Shumlin also wasted more than 200 Million dollars on Health Connect web site, and never asked for any money back nor did Sorrell! NH put up a health care web site of r only 8 million, that worked form day 1 and serves more people than Vermont. The ethics laws that have been submitted are not worth the paper they are printed on when former legislators can become lobbyist and make 100's of thousands of dollars only 1 year after leaving office. Sad, Very sad.

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Posted by Andrew J. Tarantino on 01/19/2017 at 10:16 AM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

So - this has become a completely over-the-top partisan column now? Who's brilliant idea was that?

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Posted by Carl Werth on 01/19/2017 at 8:54 AM

Re: “Jericho Voters Nix Zoning Changes That Targeted Sprawl

Vermont historian Charlie Morrissey made a sage observation about our pretensions to being different in his book "Vermont: A History", written in 1984:

"This is modern Vermont, just as it is modern America. It is the Vermont spewing out the Shelburne Road and the Williston Road from Burlington, and extending along Route 7 approaching Rutland and Bennington, and captivating even tiny Morrisville, where a shopping center on the outskirts of town makes the village center look forlorn. Surely this heart of darkness deserves a destiny different from neon-lighted drive-ins along slurpy strips of highways which lead to huge shopping centers and acres of asphalt for parking lots. Vermont is different? The question is asked sardonically. The trouble with Vermont is that Vermont is not different enough."

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Posted by Bruce Post on 01/19/2017 at 8:52 AM

Re: “Jericho Voters Nix Zoning Changes That Targeted Sprawl

"Rollin', rollin', rollin',... keep them strip malls rollin'..."

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Posted by Christopher Hill on 01/19/2017 at 7:44 AM

Re: “The Numbers: Scott Nabs Decisive Win, But Voters' Message Mixed

Donna the dog (your profile picture), I want to tell you some things. I don't care or mind that you're republican and that you support Trump. This is a free country. Now first of all, liberals are not rioting because they don't like Trump's policies. Although they are repulsive to us, he hasn't enacted them yet. No, we're rioting because the man is a sick f*** in our eyes and we can't stand the thought of him representing us in any way: the meaning of "not my president". We're rioting because people who we love are being gleefully disregarded, disrespected, or shunned and we refuse to accept that, not that we refuse to accept the outcome of democracy. We're rioting because he's more unpredictable than any present before him in history, his rhetoric is filled with stupid hate, and because of that we are very scared. I'm surprised you're not, actually. It's a dangerous time in the world, he is hated by most world leaders, and he is not a very bright diplomat. But of course, that's just my opinion.

By the way, forget the Clintons, if you think Donald Trump wasn't "bought off" then you need to look at his cabinet appointments and pour ice water over your head.

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Posted by William Kyle on 01/19/2017 at 3:49 AM

Re: “Will Vermont Leaders Wage War Over Labor?

Vermont Chamber of Commerce president Betsy Bishop says "We need 11,000 more workers to grow the economy". Raising the minimum wage is the way to overcome the shortage of workers. As I am sure Ms. Bishop understands, this is free market economics at its most basic. Raise the price and the supply goes up while demand declines.

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Posted by Peter Galbraith on 01/19/2017 at 3:41 AM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

Please bring Paul Heintz back. Or just cancel this column.

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Posted by knowyourassumptions on 01/18/2017 at 11:13 PM

Re: “Vermont Congressional Delegation to Attend Trump Inauguration

Mr.Bast the important part of the story you left out of the Coolidge swearing in is that Coolidge became president only after the sudden death of President Harding. When Coolidge won his second term he was sworn in Washington. Also it might not be a constitutional requirement for congressmen and senators to attend, but it is important for them to support the American process. Even Hillary and Bill will be there and she lost. So if she can get over it and support America and our new president, these cry baby Democrats should get over themselves and get to the inauguration. P.S. Coolidge was a real Vermonter and a Republican. VT needs to return to its GOP roots.

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Posted by citizen on 01/18/2017 at 8:41 PM

Re: “‘Reactionary Fringe’ Pushes Back Against Mayor’s ‘Trash Talk’

"The CLC has not been a tenth as rude as its opponents."

This is simply an objectively false statement. Having closely observed the public and online debate from the beginning, the "anti" side's strategy has been to try to carpetbomb the online debate, call names, and make all kinds of wild and unsubstantiated -- and, frankly, absurd -- accusations of public corruption against those who think the project is a good idea. See the repeated inflammatory, shrill, and accusatory posts by Petrarca, Philo, VTPolicyAnalyst, Grill, etc. Mostly, the project supporters have sat back and not reacted in kind. A simple count of the negative and accusatory adjectives used by the anti's vs. the pro's in the online postings will negate your claims as to who's more "rude."

Your call for "civil debate" is one-sided. It is positional blindness. You see "us" as rude but apparently you can't even see your side's incredible rudeness because your side is morally "right." Well, guess what? We who support this project do so because we genuinely believe it is in the best interest of the city. Stop demonizing us and then accusing us of being rude merely because we don't like your personal attacks!

Have a nice day.

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Posted by knowyourassumptions on 01/18/2017 at 7:56 PM

Re: “‘Reactionary Fringe’ Pushes Back Against Mayor’s ‘Trash Talk’

I just wanted to share my full comment, which can be found below. Thank you.…

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Posted by Charles Winkleman on 01/18/2017 at 7:39 PM

Re: “Will Vermont Leaders Wage War Over Labor?

"Mitzi told me, 'I need a beefed-up labor presence on Commerce,'" - Seriously? Johnson is not known for giving a damn about labor. Don't fool yourselves. She is one who voted for every program under the sun and then turned around and attacked the labor force that actually had to implement those programs. She is no friend to labor.

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Posted by Roy on 01/18/2017 at 5:55 PM

Re: “‘Reactionary Fringe’ Pushes Back Against Mayor’s ‘Trash Talk’

Well well well. I see there is a mobilized force, drowning this thread of comments in insults to Genese and the CLC. Even a bystander can see a theme here. Trying to discredit the opposition is a long political tradition. "The CLC spent months yelling at them"? Think about it - this line is fatuous. I've followed many of these stories in Seven Days, and never before have I seen two, three and four dozen folks determined to destroy someone's credibility. Can you truly picture someone yelling for months? All I have witnessed is their speaking up at Public Meetings and circulating flyers. Some have carried signs - but the Mayor is the fellow who spent a bunch of money (thousands of dollars) on printed materials to convince voters - and he still just barely got a majority vote. The voters of the Wards where the properties are located were against the project, though their Council members asked them to vote for it. This has created what some feel is a need for new representation. Could we have a more civil discussion please? The CLC has not been a tenth as rude as its opponents.

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Posted by stickinthemud on 01/18/2017 at 5:10 PM

Re: “Vermont Congressional Delegation to Attend Trump Inauguration

I'm in agreement with Leonard Bast, and it's probably a good political move too ...its very clear that currying favor with a clearly punitive and mentally unstable President can be possibly helpful later on. If we all live, that is.

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Posted by Christopher Maloney on 01/18/2017 at 4:26 PM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

John, please do not use the term "nothing burger". For some reason it makes me gag. I only know of two NBs, one in Burlington and one in Putney. Both are not worthy of comment.

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Posted by Walter Moses on 01/18/2017 at 4:04 PM

Re: “Backs to the Wall: Vermont’s Sole Juvenile Lockup Is Hard Up for Cash

How many millions were fraudulently misappropriated from Medicare over the years and why aren't the Feds suing for the return of the money?

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Posted by JimM on 01/18/2017 at 3:03 PM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

Here's an example of an ethics problem: When I was under criminal investigation by the Attorney General for allegedly practicing law without a license, it became clear that House Speaker Shap Smith's law firm was involved. Though they didn't admit it until the day the investigation was closed, those of us looking at the redacted complaint identified that two attorneys at Dinse, Knapp & McAndrew were involved in bringing the complaint to the AG's office. A reporter told me he asked House Speaker Smith if he had a fire wall between his speaker's office and his law firm. Answer: "no".

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Posted by A. Smith on 01/18/2017 at 2:45 PM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

Seeing how the "big boys" can throw money around, one wonders how they would define the governor's mantra,"affordability".

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Posted by jad1245 on 01/18/2017 at 2:37 PM

Re: “The Usual Suspects: Who Funded Scott's Inaugural Gala?

I comment on articles that bore me, too, Kathy.

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Posted by Scott Pavek on 01/18/2017 at 2:35 PM

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