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Re: “Walters: Scott Unveils Yet Another Climate Panel

Thanks "fromaway" for posting the list of names. I am familiar with some of them, looked up the rest, and they represent a far more balanced approach than what John Walters described.

Posted by Eppy on 07/21/2017 at 8:44 PM

Re: “Walters: Scott Unveils Yet Another Climate Panel

Is someone carrying VPIRG's water? Again?

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Posted by A. Smith on 07/21/2017 at 6:40 PM

Re: “Walters: Scott Unveils Yet Another Climate Panel

Hard to "count em" as we are urged by the writer without knowing who "em" are. A list or a link seems obvious

Michael Schirling, Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development
Michele Boomhower, designee of the Secretary of the Agency of Transportation
June Tierney, Commissioner of the Department of Public Service
Marie Audet, representing the agriculture sector
Linda McGinnis, representing the clean energy sector
Joe Fusco, representing the commercial hauling or trucking sectors
Bob Stevens, representing the construction or development sectors
Kristin Carlson, representing energy utilities
Mary Sprayregen, representing the energy efficiency sector
Johanna Miller, representing a statewide environmental organization
Peter Bourne, representing the fuels sector
Mayor Liz Gamache, representing local government
Adam Knudsen, representing the manufacturing sector
Bill Laberge, representing small businesses
Bethany Fleishman, representing the transportation demand management sector
Tom Donahue, representing the Vermont Community Action Partnership

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Posted by fromaway on 07/21/2017 at 5:09 PM

Re: “Swastika, Racial Slur Found in Burlington Library Bathroom

BREAKING NEWS: I saw this poem written on the bathroom wall at 3 Needs: "Here I sit broken-hearted, came to poop but only farted." I await Mayor Weinberger's comment on the matter.

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Posted by ReneBushey on 07/21/2017 at 3:52 PM

Re: “Deaths Prompt Review of Swimming, Safety Programs for New Americans

Teri, there's an enormous difference between a toddler drowning and an 11-year-old drowning. Not sure why you're comparing the two. You seem to have a very cavalier attitude towards this child drowning by saying "Oh it could happen to anyone" while ignoring what factors led to it.

Posted by ReneBushey on 07/21/2017 at 3:21 PM

Re: “Deaths Prompt Review of Swimming, Safety Programs for New Americans

>Although Christian could swim, his friend Bienfait Badibanga told Seven Days the teen had once said, "I get tired so quickly."

That means he couldn't swim.

This isn't just a refugee issue. I know lots of white people that can't swim. When I go to the swimming holes around here, I find myself cringing watching people trying to swim. Doing swim lessons takes a lot of time and effort. It requires a commitment.

Posted by East Kanye on 07/21/2017 at 2:16 PM

Re: “Swastika, Racial Slur Found in Burlington Library Bathroom

wait. graffiti is news?

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Posted by David F Ball on 07/21/2017 at 1:12 PM

Re: “Three and a Half Feet Under: Cemeteries Are Wary of Green Burials

Hi Kate,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of your mother's burial. It is exactly the kind of thing we are trying to make accessible in Vermont. As of right now there are no designated green burial sites in Vermont.
The mission of Green Burial Vermont is to help people like you be able to have a burial that fits with their ethics and values. In some Vermont cities and towns this will lead the creation of new sites, and in others, that don't have land available, cemeteries may find a way to hold green burials within their existing cemeteries. There are also sites in the works that will fit the conservation model of green burial. We are working at all options to serve all Vermonters interested in green burial.
Please do not hesitate to email with any questions or concerns, or to share your experience.
Sincerely, Michelle Acciavatti co-founder of Green Burial Vermont

Posted by EndingWell on 07/21/2017 at 10:24 AM

Re: “Fighting the Feds: Vermont Officials Resist Trump Election Commission

It is time to flush the turds in Montpelier down the toilet

James Condos do with his best for the Integrity of the votes in Vermont and that is to go along with securing the system of voting and preventing voting fraud that we know takes place here

I have been a Vermont resident my entire life and have never seen the disgusting behavior in Montpelier that we have seen at the hands of people just like yourself

Vermonters want you to do the right thing and that is to comply with getting rid of the voter fraud that we know takes place in the state of Vermont

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Posted by Richard Ley on 07/20/2017 at 10:47 PM

Re: “Three and a Half Feet Under: Cemeteries Are Wary of Green Burials

My mother was buried in a cardboard coffin in a designated green burial site in the U.K. Which is one of several green burial sites in South West Devon which has been going for at least ten years. There are no cut flowers allowed, no upright gravestones. You can plant a tree in a nearby area (not on the plot) I understand that there is already a designated green burial site in Vermont. I hope that when my time comes it has taken hold here in VT as I can't be transported back to the U.K. Without being embalmed which doesn't fit with the green burial guidelines. Perhaps rather than trying to establish this practice at existing cemeteries a new site could be established?

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Posted by Kate Smith on 07/20/2017 at 8:06 PM

Re: “Former Burlington Bottle Redemption Center to Become Recording Studio

Here's a radical idea: How about we get rid of the Bottle Bill altogether, and put the $0.09/can back in the consumers pocket! Then we won't need any of these redemption centers and everyone can be happy.

With mandatory recycling laws in place and advance zero-sort technology accessible across Vermont there's no need for these 1970's-style bottle bills that create MASSIVE inefficiencies in the raw materials supply chain.

Margaret Cheney Welch--Congressman Welch's wife--pursued recycling reform when she was Rep. from Norwich, but quickly got shut down from special-interest groups.

This redemption center shut down not because Mr Hoekstra is trying to "gentrify" the ONE but because the business model of a redemption center is rather archaic and unfeasible in 2017. The trend of beer consumption to skew towards double IPA tall boys (high alcohol/can ratio) doesn't help either.

The Vermont House needs to repeal and replace the bottle bill.

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Posted by Paco DeFrancis on 07/20/2017 at 5:22 PM

Re: “End of the Line? As Vermonters Cut the Cord, Rural Phone Customers Hear Static

Very interesting, informative, and well-written. Thank you for sharing!

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Posted by Sara Vaclavik on 07/20/2017 at 5:21 PM

Re: “Champlain College Will Use UVM Frat House as a Dorm

I would like to address my characterization of "aggressive living." I, unfortunately, used an offhand casual remark to describe the condition of the FIJI house and the need for repairs. Having not seen the building first-hand, I fell into the trap of allowing a stereotype image to become part of the story in answering the reporter's questions.

A much better description reflecting the truth of the situation would have been "In general, the fraternity brothers at FIJI have been respectful of the historic structure and our work has been largely limited to cleaning and painting, and replacement of depreciated finishes and/or equipment (i.e., carpeting and heating plant) to reflect the changing use from a fraternity to a residence hall."

My apologies to the members of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

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Posted by Stephen Mease on 07/20/2017 at 2:56 PM

Re: “Champlain College Will Use UVM Frat House as a Dorm

"Aggressive living" is such a wonderful euphemism for the deplorable things Fiji no doubt did to that property.

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Posted by stellaquarta on 07/20/2017 at 1:44 PM

Re: “Deaths Prompt Review of Swimming, Safety Programs for New Americans

What I am trying to say is, don't divide races by labeling them. All children need education in regards to swimming.Start caring about Americans call them Americans not New American.
Because every child born in the USA is a New American.

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Posted by Teri Emilo-Hagen on 07/20/2017 at 1:12 PM

Re: “Deaths Prompt Review of Swimming, Safety Programs for New Americans

Swimming education starts with the parents. There are programs for all races, that need to learn to swim.
I remember the little white child, if we are using racial slur who is an American drowned when his babysitter was not watching.
It can happen to any one of us.
On the news we were told stay away from the rivers,that the water is high.
Let's talk about all children here no matter what race.No one went out to the streets when the little child drowned in a river 2 summers ago. Start caring for all children and stop labeling.

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Posted by Teri Emilo-Hagen on 07/20/2017 at 12:57 PM

Re: “Champlain College Will Use UVM Frat House as a Dorm

Stick Fiji at Bayberry Commons away from civilized people, and let Champlain keep the building on Main.

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Posted by Jay Furr on 07/20/2017 at 12:44 PM

Re: “Walters: Bernie Sanders Reports $4.9 Million Campaign War Chest

Sure. Whatever you need to say to justify it. Meanwhile even the Burlington mayor race is dis-proportionally funded. Why does it cost so much to be elected mayor of Burlington? Does a private jet to the north end cost that much?

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Posted by Mark Lade on 07/20/2017 at 7:04 AM

Re: “Fighting the Feds: Vermont Officials Resist Trump Election Commission

I find it ironic that Condos, who promotes himself as Mr. Transparency, has concluded he doesn't like the reason for the request and therefore has decided not to provide information that is already public. Your first instinct Mr. Transparency was correct, provide them what they have a legal right to. Stop the political posturing!

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Posted by Bob Frazier on 07/19/2017 at 10:41 PM

Re: “Fighting the Feds: Vermont Officials Resist Trump Election Commission

As VPR and other outlets like Seven Days covered back in February of this year, Secretary of State Jim Condos acknowledged there is a problem with the combination of Vermont's Motor Voter law and Vermont's granting of driver's licenses to legal and illegal aliens. Several foreign citizens with legal residency had been illegally registered to vote, including for federal election purposes, simply by virtue of getting their driver's licenses. But US law requires one to be a US citizen to vote in federal elections. These legal immigrants thoughtfully came forward to report this to the authorities. As far as the legal immigrants were concerned, their illegal voter registration was unintentional on their part but they had no control over it because DMV automatically did it. Has this issue been resolved?

California is another state, like Vermont, that has enacted Motor Voter registration laws and also grants driver's licenses to both legal immigrants and illegal aliens. Given it is the law, and we now have examples of states like Vermont registering people illegally (even if due to a software snafu or human error), it seems like common sense to require affirmative proof of citizenship to access the voting both. Lack of doing so undermines credibility in our elections.

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Posted by Chris in S. Burlington on 07/19/2017 at 10:16 PM

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