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Re: “Winooski Bistro's Bacon Sign Ignites Internet Storm

Correction - Many apologies to Roy Olsen . . .

It was Bid D that Posted on 08/29/2014 at 4:12 AM and said, "I have a son-in-law that likes to talk down to people just like you two do. He's a Meat head also ." and thus Bid D not Roy Olsen that I offer my condolences to his/her family for their unsupportive public behavior of his daughter and her family members.

Again sorry about Roy Olsen I didn't see that the Name is close above the post but the name slightly further from the text of the post but below it is the one that authored the post.

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Posted by Vernon D. Cain Jr. on 08/31/2014 at 3:29 PM

Re: “Winooski Bistro's Bacon Sign Ignites Internet Storm

@Roy Olsen - There is a thin line between talking down and trying to be understood clearly.

I would never depreciate the love of a child of mine publicly such as you have by speaking ill of them or their family members like you did when you said, "I have a son-in-law that likes to talk down to people . . . " My condolences to your family for your unsupportive public behaviors.

Additionally if you note what was Posted by Bryan J. Maloney on 08/31/2014 at 1:06 PM - He nails it exactly. The tolerant, kind, community oriented, decent hard working folks of Winooski served by Sneakers Bistro are being imposed on by the intolerance veiled in a burka that is shouting 'tolerance! tolerance! tolerance!' while spewing hate of the other community members to enjoy their choices. It is not Tolerance to Go-Along to Get Along with Intolerance! More on this in a moment.

In another post I pointed out, for health reasons, I'm Vegan but that does not make me a Vegan Swat-Squad that drives an MRAP. I tolerate others in their choices. I find that there are those that poke good fun of Vegans. However there are many more that spew the same flavor of 'tolerance' for 'Meat Eaters' (when they intend hate of Vegans) or bristle their discomfort with the Vegans. Also many have been heavily propagandized by the SAD (Standard American Diet) Promoters; Meat and Dairy Producers Associations.

The idea of the Muslim State being 'just another religion' is almost preposterous if you put it into perspective of the consistent goal of implementing Shira Law on everyone once they have social control of an area. The countries where you can see this play out the actual tolerance of Muslims of other religions is almost shocking if you look at the statistics once the population of Muslims rises above 50% and they implement Sharia Law the percentage rapidly rises to over 98%. It is not a religion of tolerance as we know tolerance.

We don't really know if this 'post from a woman that is a member of the Islamist State asking for tolerance' is an individual, several individuals, or just a troll. However we do know that all over Europe, South America, North America (including Canada, except Greenland) where ever the Islamist State has a majority population center they begin very soon after to force their intolerance on others through Shria Law vs Secular Court and Municipal Law that protects individual freedoms. Once Sharia Law is implemented it is no longer about Individual Liberty and Freedom in a Supportive Tolerant Society but submission and obedience to the Islamist State and the Islamist State Political Objectives.

This Sharia Law when discussed is not fear mongering but simple hard reality. The Sharia Laws impose death for apostates, if you in your exercise of free speech like in this post the penalty is death, the penalty for so many simple human behaviors suddenly become Victimless Capital Crimes, many simple infractions are penalized with brutally grotesque Human Torture or Dismemberment (Whip-to-Death, buried to your shoulders and Stoned-to-Death, Hands Severed, Heads Severed, etc). Most of the kind and gentle people in the Islamist State don't like these brutally primitive un-elected Sharia Magistrates imposing these Bronze Age Tribal Superstitions on others but are powerless to protest less they be labeled apostates.

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Posted by Vernon D. Cain Jr. on 08/31/2014 at 3:12 PM

Re: “Winooski Bistro's Bacon Sign Ignites Internet Storm

@Nicole Diver; I don't know if cross comment dialog is permitted.

The reaction to people imposing 'Political Correctness' in social dialog is a vastly complex phenomenon. When someone identifies themselves as belonging to a sect of the Abrahamic Religions it says a great deal about them on many levels. What they have said or will say next likewise helps to fill in many more blanks.

There doesn't seem to be Hate Baiting going on when someone restates the Bacon Lady as an Islamist or belonging to the Islamic State (which Islamic people profess, the Bai‘at, their irrevocable oath of loyalty to Allah). However it was the Bacon Lady that said she is actively practicing Islamic Laws and like many Abrahamic Sects they profess that Heaven Hates Ham (bacon too including Pig's Skin Footballs - or not depending on . . . ).

Sometimes the members of any of the thousands of Abrahamic sects can become radicalized almost as easy as we dramatize in movies such as Manchurian Candidate (1962, 2004) or Telefon (1977). This sort or radicalization does not require the person to have been in an Abrahamic Sect but it helps to profile the susceptible personality type because it says a lot about the person's mind. It is real and it can be done rather rapidly and have rather startlingly consistent outcomes.

So it's not name calling to state the label that the person themselves used to identify themselves to others. Likewise it is not so much inciting to hate when people rationally discuss the good clean fun to be had with this while also sometimes worrying out loud about current events by others that also identify themselves as belonging to the Islamic State. The Islamic Bacon Lady and Islamic Terrorists are not tied together just discussed. The linkage is only juxtaposition not intentionally harmful to The Bacon Lady or others of any Religious Sect.

It is called Social Dialog to help others see things in various points of view and examine and dissect the news and political events peacefully.

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Posted by Vernon D. Cain Jr. on 08/27/2014 at 11:48 AM

Re: “Winooski Bistro's Bacon Sign Ignites Internet Storm

This keeps getting deleted - how sad the Politically Correct Police are wielding the Veto Button so rapidly . . . I've re-worded it so lets see if this is better.

Post a sign: Pan Seared Jimmy Dean's @ Sneakers either above or below Yield for Vegan Bacon Bagel @ Sneakers. Too much fun.

I know I have had to endure lot of seriously abusive teasing because I have to eat what amounts to a Vegan Style diet because somehow I am allergic to meat, eggs, and dairy although I love these foods they don't love me. There are many that just go mental if you offer them anything 'Vegan' to eat. I think I've seen the fundamentals of this aversion - more on that in a moment. There are those that just can not go without saying something derogatory about the Vegan movement when the learn that they are dining with a person that is exclusively Vegan.

The Islamic State woman that wanted to express her religiously acquired aversion (she bolstered her position with her religious preferences) seems to have bumped into another rapidly growing social phenomenon of Creeping Religious Tolerance. In some European countries like France or the UK where the tolerance of decent folk has been preyed on by sects wishing to impose Sharia Law on neighborhoods / communities / villages / etc as their influence / domination increases there is a growing backlash all over the world to the three main branches of these Abrahamic Religious Cults (cult is a religious or other social group with novel beliefs and practices. Formerly used in the pejorative sense.).

I've no clue about this woman that 'says' she belongs to the Islamic State but it is possible that this 'person' (female or male or more than one person collaborating) is a contrarian and noticed the pride and professionalism of the shared garden space (in the center of town) and knew that they could enjoy a bit of 'widely splashed turmoil' by imposing their mental condition on others then sit back and enjoy the show. The specific wording of the post seems to suggest the person could fit this scenario as well.

In the USA we have a predominance of Blue Laws by the Christian branch. We also have communities in most major cities that have imposed their Hebrew Laws (Hasidic or Orthodox) with porcine free neighborhoods, dress codes, etc. In the USA, unlike Europe, the Islamic State has not gotten much of a toe-hold yet.

There is a growing movement all over the world to abandon these Abrahamic Cults and rapidly slow the injection of their Bronze Age Religious Practices into more areas of our culture. Sometimes the backlash flares what looks like bigoted behavior when it is actually alarm that yet another precious freedom is about to be lost unless something is done and soon. The same is seen in negative reactions to anything Vegan. Everybody, including Vegans, hate Vegan Police or Bacon Police, or whatever strong-handed methods are used by these special interest groups to wield their influence to control the power of the state (or hold the state at bay) to impose religious (or Vegan) practices on others. Even the freedom to have a fun light hearted fake Yield Sign that promotes bacon worship (who doesn't enjoy that blissful aroma of bacon sizzling away).

Although not many would get the Death Race reference if the sign said: Vegan Bacon Ahead, 10 points! and a little squiggle of a tire track across a big piece of Sneakers Bacon. That could be funny too. The sign could be modified to show a bacon symbol and not use letters then there would be no argument because even Vegan Bacon uses the Bacon Symbol. Creativity could be applied here to not actually show submission to Sharia Law through creeping tolerance. With a little tinkering with the message the same fun spirit could be continued while playfully embracing the creeping tolerance problem while poking around it and not kneeling nose to the dirt down for it.

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Posted by Vernon D. Cain Jr. on 08/27/2014 at 3:34 AM

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