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Re: “Judge Allows Construction, Tree Removal to Proceed at Burlington's City Hall Park


Planning processes like the one's for City Hall Park have many opportunities to be heard. Just because your ideas weren't incorporated in doesn't mean you weren't heard. It means you didn't have the majority of votes at any point in the process to take charge of the plan that was being pushed. Burlington cannot get consensus on anything, it's truly a cat herding type of town so the only logical step is to default to majority citywide referendums or to have our duly elected officials vote in our place to again make majorities to decide. If you can't win the day you have to respect the majority will or else nothing will get done in this town which is what many folks opposing everything in this town want. Cities have to get projects done and can't please everyone, there will be people who won't win the day even if it's close 50% plus one is the only fair way to make citywide decisions without giving minority opposition veto power. If you have a better process than 50% plus for making decisions the minority opposition has an obligation to share it with us. Instead they'd rather hide behind "better plans" and the "process was rigged" rather than deal with the very real numbers that they never had the votes, they then cry foul and commence to hold up projects with lawsuits. This is a real threat to democratic rule in Burlington.

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Posted by imagrownassmanbtv on 07/11/2019 at 7:01 PM

Re: “South Burlington Council Wanted a Say in Burlington Zoning Change


I can chill with the best of them because I'm Grown. I notice you never deal with the substance of majority decision making by 50% plus one. Is there a better system that doesn't give minority veto power to the animated few? You have no answer for this except my side must be heard no matter what, which is not what the majority agrees with. You also don't deal with the dysfunction your alternative creates towards getting anything done without appeasing minority opinion stakeholders. I'm not pro anything but pro common sense and the Coalition Against Everything does not traffic in common sense. I'm a generation X'r by the way and I recognize that one of the defining features of any city is that they change. I can logically recognize that the trees in city hall park will be replaced, because none of the trees in the old city hall postcards are there now. You know times change. Also I know that hundreds of trees have been planted by the Miro administration alongside other nonprofits. Lastly, I think my referenced article actually hits the point head on in that many well-intentioned folks still end up being in the way of progress and democratically determined decisions which is what The Coalition Against Everything is, plus most of them are boomers. Here's a toast to you Charles as I have cold one on my porch.

Mr. Grownassman

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Posted by imagrownassmanbtv on 07/11/2019 at 5:33 PM

Re: “South Burlington Council Wanted a Say in Burlington Zoning Change


You frustrate people when you say "If you check the facts and figures you will find that when he has received a majority vote, it's usually only a few percent." because what you just said constitutes a majority decision that should be respected. Otherwise it's a recipe for nothing getting done which is probably what you guys want. Just because you're close doesn't mean you get to contest everything. It means you lost the vote and the day and that you should respect the will of the people because the will is equal to 50% plus one. It's not the go ahead to re-litigate your better plan. It means it didn't make the cut and you have to move on. There's an interesting article in the huffingtonpost that points out that nationwide many progressive boomers are holding up housing and transportation needs by overwhelming and abusing municipal forums to over represent their points of view. Do you fit into this demographic Charlie? I recommend it to all the Coalition Against Everything members as most of them seem to fit this mold.…

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Posted by imagrownassmanbtv on 07/11/2019 at 2:41 PM

Re: “Friends, Foes and Rivals: The Latest Burlington-SoBu Dustup Is Nothing New

This should be a no-brainer because what's the alternative to not re-zoning and revitalizing this never to be used as industrial space real estate. It will be an instant and significant boost to the Burlington Tax Coffers. Higher Ground will bring energy, jobs and tourism to an area that's dead after 4:00 pm. The parking is already built and if it doesn't get done, I wouldn't be surprise if down the road, Burton rethinks the need to stay in Burlington as most of the low altitude skiing (That's VT) will go away in ten years or so due to global warming. The property and sales tax on food, alcohol and tickets will be very significant if its built. Higher Ground will be slightly bigger than the two combined venues they currently use at their south burlington location. With the bigger combined space Burlington will start booking more and more big name bands that rightly recognize that Burlington is a vital market to hit in the northeast tour circuit. You combine that with Talent Skate Park, Mad Taco, Misery Loves Company, maybe some brew pub tie in and you truly have a destination that will flourish and help revitalize that part of Burlington which again is dead after 4pm.

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Posted by imagrownassmanbtv on 07/06/2019 at 12:55 PM

Re: “Priced for Scale: $8.5 Million Listing Could Limit Options for Burlington Cathedral

Hello Charles,

I would believe your arguments if the following weren't true.

The democratic party did not hold up every project that came down the pike when the progressives were running things. And let's not split hairs just about everyone involved in all the Coalitions Against Everything are eyeballs deep in progressive politics or are outright former members/administration folks. Democrats didn't put up endless lawsuits when they lost the vote on projects over the 30 years they were out of power. Every project of a certain scale can always be found to have technical errors but the Democratic party didn't feel the need to call all of them out over the last 30 years. They just took it on the chin and persevered. Now that the democrats are in power it's non-stop obstructionism. Every major development has had protests and delays or threats to do so by progressive oriented folks. They include the mall redevelopment, Cambrian Rise, City Hall Park, Memorial Auditorium, The Champlain Parkway and on and on.
Yes there are two schools of thought on this but 50% plus one is the fairest way to decide things which you don't respect. If you can name a decision making process that respects majority will that's better than this I'll eat my shoe but sometimes one school of thought wins and you have to deal with it which is what your side doesn't want to do.

The Grownassman abides

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Posted by imagrownassmanbtv on 07/06/2019 at 12:35 PM

Re: “South Burlington Council Wanted a Say in Burlington Zoning Change


My comments are not meant to be rude but it's more of a severe impatience with a group of self-appointed obstructionist who continually oppose everything Miro wants to accomplish that actually has majority approval. If you truly valued civility you would respect the majority will of the people by referendum or majority will of the city council to make decisions for Burlington. But you don't, for you and the Coalition Against Everything a rejection of your ideas is just the beginning of the process and you hope to win in the courts what you can't achieve with democracy. You say you guys know better but as we all know there is no fairer decision making process that respects majority will than 50% plus one. Please present one that meets this bar without giving minority veto power to a motivated few and I'll eat my shoe. Until then you and your Coalition Against Everything will continue to be on the wrong side of democracy and history.

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Posted by imagrownassmanbtv on 07/01/2019 at 7:52 PM

Re: “Priced for Scale: $8.5 Million Listing Could Limit Options for Burlington Cathedral

Charlie, it may not be what you like but if the zoning is already there then it'd be a great addition to the tax base. Another tall building would bring in significant amounts of tax dollars to a city that continually taxes and spends at a very progressive rate. This is no idle concern with a potential 5% tax increase coming this upcoming fiscal year and in a city that has one of the highest tax rates in the country per $1,000 dollars of assessed value at 2.6% when the national average is 1.1% to 1.2%. Yes our tax bills are priced at more than double the national average.…

We simply need more tax payers and businesses to pay for our growing town budget. The Coalition against everything will reflexively oppose the development of this property if recent history repeats itself even if the majority of people vote for it or their city council representatives because the Coalition Against Everything knows better and will get hung up on the process or some aesthetic fiddle faddle. As for skyscraping, come on Charlie, no one in America would consider a 14 story building a skyscraper except the sky is falling crowd you represent. Let the people decide Charlie and god forbid they might disagree with you but holding projects up with endless lawsuits and appeals is no way to respect the will of the people or the duly elected city council.

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Posted by imagrownassmanbtv on 07/01/2019 at 7:40 PM

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