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Most Memorable Sexual Experience 

Sex Survey 2009

Published February 25, 2009 at 6:07 a.m.

What was your most memorable sexual experience? Our sex survey respondents offered some remarkably detailed answers.

Paula Routly summarized and interpreted the results in this week's sex survey write-up, but we decided to also offer the raw data on our website. And we do mean raw - some of these answers are clearly made up, and some of them are rather disturbing. But taken as a group, they provide a revealing glimpse into the erotic lives of our readers.

DISCLAIMER: This is some pretty steamy stuff. It's not work-safe, so read it on your own time. You've been warned.


1. Lake Tahoe, California - hotel room with a fireplace, mirrored walls, a jacuzzi, and a raised bed!

2. my first intense orgasm

3. I had sex with my girlfriend in her car and she rode me hard, was aggressive for the first time. She took charge and went for it. As she was slamming into me, I climaxed so hard it was incredible. What made it so wild was her attitude, personality, her aggressiveness and in the car in a public area where traffic was or could go by.

4. Not really sure I have one they all are really good. But if I ever have a threesome that will be my most memorable.

5. First time with my spouse

6. At a beach in Gracie parking lot.

7. Ever time with a former lover 'LHM'

8. Being tied down & a woman fucking me with a strap on dildo while my man watched & masturbated until he came on my tits.

9. My partner and I were having sex on christmas at a near by park in his car, and part way into it we saw blue flashing lights behind us. He put on his boxers and buckled his seat belt (he didn't want to be breaking the law, right?). The cop came to the side of the car and realized that we were both half naked and stepped back in surprise. He mumbled something about having a merry christmas and ran back to his cruiser. At least he got a good show on Christmas

10. conceiving first kid

11. being a third in a 3-way where the other 2 were a couple who were SO into each other, and really into seeing each other give and receive pleasure

12. a threesome with two girls from high school. We tried many variations. One girl was definitely more of a turn on the other. Girl A could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and take my penis down her throat. Girl B was a little less into it but I licked them both to orgasm and fucked them each to another. I came four or more times. They each let me have anal withthem as well. definitely the most memorable experience ever.

13. 1. Fucking on a mountain top in broad daylight on a huge rock outcropping that was directly adjacent to the peak of Mt. Mitchell - highest peak on the east coast, in NC. We were in clear sight of all the hikers - lots of 'em - on that peak who were looking out at the view in our direction. The elevation was close to 6000 ft, so in a way that makes us members of the mile high club, eventhough we weren't on a plane. 2. Staying in bed having sex for four days straight, right through 4th of July, only stopping to eat a few meals, but never getting dressed or leaving the house the whole time.

14. Sex in the lake-best sex in poison ivy-worse!

15. Walking along the beach late one night and casually running into a stranger. We had about 4 minutes of casual chit chat before he got down on his knees and gave me head. Totally unexpected. Totally out in the open.

16. At my Aunt's cabin with my first partner. We spent an entire day naked, with snow falling outside and the heat blasting inside. We pulled a mattress onto the floor of the living room and spent hours touching each other, drinking wine, eating grapes and honey off each other's bodies, and then took a long, hot shower together...before we collapsed from exhaustion, we wrapped ourselves up in a blanket and stood outside in the snow, our fingers deep inside one another, snowflakes falling on our heads, our moans ringing through the surrounding woods.

17. it's a tough one, but i'd say a threesome that i had with 3 women. the best part about it was that it was comfortable. they were a bit older/more experienced than me and it definitely lasted for 5 hours. tons of fourplay!

18. The first time I did it - I waited until I was 24 and was SERIOUSLY ready. I surprised myself at how into it I was. I did it with my then-girlfriend and she was very sweet. The experience still makes me smile.

19. When my mother came for a visit, she rented a station wagon at the airport. I borrowed it and folded all of the seats flat and had crazy, wet, passionate, juicy sex in it on a back road in Groton State Park with my soon to be ex husbands friend. I think it was a culmination of these factors that brought me to climax over and over again.

20. I suppose every man will never forget learning how NOT to use a condom. I figure I learned the "soft way" when she told me where she found it inside of her the next morning. I have a number of choices for most pleasureable memories which include being licked silly on top of the tower at Hubbard Park or cycling all day and spending the night with somebody I just happen to meet that evening in a far away town. Doesn't make the next day's pedal any easier, though.

21. We were camping with the kids and became very horny. We left the campground alone, parked along the road, ran into the woods, slipped down our jeans, I went down on her, and then we made mad passionate love.

22. my wedding night!

23. my girlfreind tieing me up in college dorm room and playing with me and teasing me for 2 hours and it all started with a 30 min massage

24. A Korean call girl rubbing her feet and ass in my face. She also loved licking my ass when I sat on her face. Very rare!

25. my first time. my co-worker,she was 38 and single, I was 20. she had always said she needed a "handyman" around her house. So one morning I thought I'd surprise her and plowed out her driveway after a snowstorm. she smiled and motioned to me to come in. I took off my boots, walked in, and there she was in a tiny little black teddie. Without a word, she led me into the bedroom, clothes began to fly, and needless to say, I did another hour of plowing without even touching my truck!

26. first time in the back of a van in a thunderstorm

27. The first time I fingered a girl. She moaned and that was hot shit.

28. Oral sex on a beach at the Lost Coast in Northern California

29. Once I had sex with my boyfriend in a parking garage. We picked what we believed to be a secluded spot, but just as my boyfriend was making a feast of my nips, some people walked by and got an eyeful. He was kind enough to cover me, but it was too late.

30. Security kicking the two of us out for having too much fun in the Art Museum.

31. Many hot memories but most mem would be breaking into Playground 2000 and enjoying the pool with three close "friends."

32. I had sex with a co-worker in his office last week while I was working. Damn it was good!

33. A three way in a tent with two women - no penetration, but amazing erotic energy sharing

34. Showing up at my dates house, having a quickie on the kitchen counter, going out for dinner, followed by a LONG blow job parked on the street of Burlington, and a follow up back at her place.

35. Having a drunken one-night stand with a co-worker.

36. - not consumated.

37. 20 minutes ago

38. halfway back from Boston, in a car that was parked in someone's driveway; we were animals after a day of polite seduction

39. Just happened recently my lover informed me he was into BDSM. He wanted a Mistress. We have a whole new understanding, level of trust, communication and better the best sex I havve ever had!

40. after a hard day, my and my partner took a bath and had amazing sex for 2 and a half hours. the best part, believe it or not, was afterward, looking at ourselves in the mirror all sweaty and ugly, but still amazingly happy

41. Getting to know my last partner. Just ended a four year relationship where the sex was great.

42. with my gf while one of my other friends was sleeping in the same bed

43. The electrifying feeling on my skin when very surprisingly to both of us, my ex and I got back together. The next morning we went for a walk in the field and that's when he went down on me for the first time.

44. i can't share that.

45. swing club, with hundreds of people all around having sex

46. On a chair in a strip club.

47. Fucking my ex in the shower of a hostel in New Zealand by picking her up and holding her against the wall.

48. During a massive thunderstorm, with the power out, and no one in the house besides us. I'll refrain from the details.

49. at the top of a mountain

50. Having sex with 2 other people in the bed asleep on both sides of us.

51. the first time my boyfriend went down on me his roommates were in the room. it was dark, so i guess we thought they wouldn't notice. well, they did. i'd started moaning without knowing it. yeah, i couldn't look at them in class after that, but knowing they were in the room definitely made things more fun.

52. During a thunderstorm.

53. Dinner date with my boyfriend, oral in his back seat in the parking lot

54. A full moon night on a beach in Maine in the lifeguard chair. The waves crashing and the view of 2 full moons while I was being ridden reverse cowgirl was incredible!

55. the first time i had anal sex happened to be the best. i had never had an orgasm that intense and i loved it.

56. in a state park cabin in Pennsylvania, with a handcuffed partner and whips

57. When I was dating my ex M. ,who is 4 years my jr, i came to visit him in his dorm room. When i got there there was a not for me on the bed and beer in the fridge, i took a nap and woke to him kissing me. We some how ended up on the floor, him seated Indian style and pounding into me... this went on for nearly and hour. I came so hard over and over again. When we finished i noticed that the top of my foot had been rubbed raw by the rug, i still have a scar ;)

58. on a rock camping in colorado

59. Before I exposed myself to the gay life style I now live (which I tried to ignore for years) I was in straight relationships. A woman I lived with, and loved deeply, she and I would litterally go into a trance-like state while making love for hours. We only talked about it after the second or third time it happened. I didn't know she was experiencing the same thing as I. I don't know if it was the deep love we shared that made the difference or the fact that we just really thoroughly new how to satisy eachother. I've never really experienced this with another lover. and I will never forget the "place" this took us.

60. a three-year extravaganza with my late, great sweetheart.

61. me and my current partner were hanging out with a male friend of hers and well things started progressing from listening to music to dancing to playing spin the bottle (very unimaginative with only three people) too plain making out, to being half naked. we left off and decided to crash, and a few hours later i woke to having the guy friend reaching his hand down my pants. well we left my girlfriend sleeping and went into the other room to continue. it was my first time having sex with a person i had just meet a few hours ago.

62. with my ex who was an expert in Yoga. Wow, did he know positions!!!!

63. Partner was giving me road head on 89 in a snowstorm near Bolton Flats, and spun out of control and some how we went between two signpost, the car unharmed!

64. wow, i can't remember!

65. Sex on the Church's alter one night after partying. I was attending an all boys boarding school and was dating a local girl and that night it just seemed like the best place to have sex after getting oral in the pew.

66. Fucking an ex partner doggie style while she was still half dressed on the floor of her living room

67. Making love to my wife 8 times on Christmas Day. It was a very merry Christmas.

68. Darkroom (photo)

69. doing it in a darkroom while he was at work.

70. Hearing the woman I was madly in love with purr while we were necking in her car one night in college.

71. sex on a mountain fire watch tower.

72. The first time my wife and I had sex. At that time she was a preop MTF transgender gal (she's postop now) and I had never had sex with a girl before. She lit candles around her Lakshmi and Nataraja statues and played the sexiest music. She was the most amazing lover, and while we were having sex, I could feel my sixth sense awakening again (I had kind of suppressed it as a kid because I was told I was going to hell for predicting things and such). It was the best sexual experience I have ever had.

73. the one's on ecstacy

74. ha

75. My secret...

76. on the job at the americorps conference

77. in a hammock in the woods of vermont Also making my paralyze boyfriend cum for the first time since his accident

78. Three way with a stranger and good friend

79. One that comes to mind is having sex on I-95 in the back of a truck. Another is on scaffolding outside of a Kinks concert in Portland, ME.

80. never

81. Sandwiched between two men (mature, controlled, passionate men), both eager to please me. Hands, tongues, cocks, all for me.

82. With Sue, all day long!!

83. An affair with a married man.

84. with my partner. I got to help@!

85. On a lacrosse field.

86. Getting a blowjob in the elevator at the Majestic 10

87. We had just packed up from a camping trip and were on the drive home. It was a long drive, so we got to talking and the conversation turned for the dirtier. At some point we pulled over - theoretically to get some water out of the trunk - and he pulled both our pants down and took me doggy-style up against the hood of the car on the side of a freeway in broad daylight. It was pretty hot. Long drives were never boring again.

88. Other than having multiple partners at once, I like to do it on top of mountains after a hot and sweaty hike. I once did it on the widows peak of a house I was renting in broad daylight. Si, I guess like if high...

89. I had a boyfriend who was both well endowed and well skilled. We would have sex for hours and I would come more time than I could count. It doesn't make for a great story, but it made for a great evening

90. on a hillside with my now husband in california. we were getting busy and some guy noticed while driving by and actually stopped and asked if we were ok!

91. i met a guy freshman year of college, and we were friends ever since (im a senior now). i had never thought of him in any sexual way throughout the years, as i was always dating other people. a few months ago he and i started talking more and more, and developed crushes on each other. he visited me over winter break, and we slept together. it was the best sex ive ever had. i was really surprised at how good we were in bed together, even though we had never done anything before. :)

92. having sex on top of a mountain

93. See attached (Seven page story about C. in the Stowe Valley)

94. Unfortunately-being raped.

95. Afternoon sex on the marble statue behind the Randolp Rest Area on I-89.

96. All except the first.

97. swapping with another couple

98. One late night after going downtown with my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure my roommates didn't get any sleep that night.

99. With the married man I was having an affair with. So much of the sex in our two wonderful years together is memorable, but there was a stretch of lazy, sunny, winter afternoons where we propped my big, ornately framed mirror against the wall and watched while we made love. occasionally taking photos of one another. It wasn't the sexiest, steamiest sex I've ever had, but it was the most intimate, loving, and beautiful.

100. sex at a waterfall with a great partner

101. in my basement

102. Having sex in Lake Champlain a few hundred yards from the beach. We were pretty discreet but it was probably obvious. Saw two other couples probably doing the same thing, too.

103. Having my girlfriend ride me on a couch

104. Hooking up with 2 hot chicks while in Prague.

105. the first time I had sex with a specific someone....the most comfortable I have felt with someone.....

106. I was seeing this guy and we went out our freshman year of college one night with his best friend from home. The guy I was seeing ended up getting really sick and throwing up in my bathroom and while that was happening I was hooking up with his best friend. UVM rescue was called him that night as well.

107. giving my girlfriend's dildo a blowjob, then fucking her with it

108. Having crazy loud sex, then watching spongebob squarepants

109. When I told my lover I had herpes and he didn't leave.

110. I still have memories of many sexual encounters from more than 20 years of sexual activity. Sorry to disappoint for not being salacious, but while they are all great memories none stand out as MOST memorable.

111. when i was having sex with a girl while her boy friend was passed out on the floor next to the bed

112. The first time my partner and I hooked up with a 3rd.

113. when my partner had her first female ejaculation

114. Doing it on the 1st hole of a golf course during a wedding reception.... the reception was inside.

115. The first time I received oral

116. Any time I've had "acid sex." The sensation of being able to read each others' minds during sex and of being so completely intertwined with each other and with the Universe is unparalleled.

117. with a prostitute in amsterdam. worth every penny

118. In my girlfriends parents bed when they were in Maine.

119. While cooking dinner, I had been dicing jalapeños and had gotten the juice all over my hands. Later in the evening in bed and getting frisky, I touched my partner's penis and spread the spicy oil there. Before realizing what was happening, we had sex (no condom/barrier involved) and then all off a sudden we both felt an overwhelming burning sensation in places we never knew possible! Wow, it wasn't exactly a good feeling, but it certainly was memorable.

120. 18 in Hawaii after 3 nights of seeing the same hot guy in the dance club; I asked him to go for a walk; rode him like a wild woman on a stone wall overlooking a beautiful marina as cars drove by; never talked to him or saw him again; only time got crabs; never had sex with a stranger and I'm now 40; Grown up experience my husband and his best friend in a upcale NYC hotel pressed up against the window looking out over the city skyline while they had their way with me from behind...mmmm

121. with a much younger partner who showed me things I didn't know existed...

122. The first time I discovered I could squirt and the first time I discovered I could do it again.

123. Doing it in a starlit field on a summer night

124. Having sex next to a runway

125. my first time. my brother set me up with a girl 10 years older. i was 15. i was scared that i would cum really fast, but she got on top and i quickly discovered that i wasn't in danger of shooting too soon. she had a great time and so did i!

126. In the front seat of my car parked by the lake at night. Chances are people saw us, but who cares!

127. oooh when i offered a massage to my tree man and he came over obviously intending to have sex where i was really just going to give him a massage... one of the most sexually exciting experiences i have ever had... he also did something that no one ever did before or since.... stuck a finger in my anus oh my having an orgasm that way was beyond belief...

128. Having sex on a mountain peak in the Adirondacks.

129. In the back of a pickup truck camper, with friends just outside the truck (indeed we were interrupted)

130. Our wedding night awwww but true

131. Having fantasy rape sex with a guy I just met on the street. I pretended to be 4, and he pretended to be my neighbor/babysitter who was in his 40s. I asked him if he loved me like my daddy loved my mom. We talked dirty while making out for about 7 hours before doing the deed. At one point he was strangling me and I thought he was going to kill me; I didn't know the guy at all, didn't know his full name. It was pretty fucking hot, but then I wanted to cut myself and bathe in bleach when it was done.

132. Having sex in the rain outside with my fiance

133. shower room orgy w/6 guys in Montreal bathhouse

134. #1

135. Most memorable? That's a toughie. The weirdest was, I got a blowjob once while my parents were chatting with my rabbi in the hall, and my bedroom door was open. What a mitzvah!

136. Taking my wife anally for the first time

137. First time oral sex with girlfriend

138. getting caught by a cop in the back seat of my car with a cute naked boy on top of me. Needless to say we didnt get to finish, but I will forever hold that boy in my memory as my "blue light special"

139. The time I had 3 orgasms in 10 minutes. Not bad for a guy.

140. The first time my partner urinated on my genitals while I was stroking myself.

141. too many multi-orgasmic events to judge

142. skinny dipping and then cheating sex on my boat at night with a college hottie when I was about 30

143. Surrendering so deeply to the ecstasy of loving union that my body felt like it was dissolving into a golden light. It felt like my flesh was merged with his...melted together inside...I let my entire being slide deeper into the light and all of a sudden it was as if a lightning bolt shot through us - the electrifying jolt stopped was being plugged into a high voltage line. It was so intense and we were so shaken that we separated and sat in a blissful"what was that?" This happened only one more time with this partner...and I became pregnant with my beloved son as a result. High voltage cosmic sex...the embodiment of divine bliss...rock on!

144. sex in a cemetary

145. On the carpet during a summer rainstorm.

146. I lost my virginity and my mom walked in.

147. I was at work having sex on the counter next to the cash register. I looked up while on top and in the middle of it all and there was a customer about ten feet from the front door. The front door is glass. I jumped off, pulled my girlfriend off the counter and ducked under the counter while frantically trying to get my clothes on. The customer came inside and was standing at the cash register by the time I stood up to greet her. My lady friend hid under the counter. I don't know if she knew what we were up to.

148. shoe store. against a tree. mountain top.

149. long, hard sex with girlfriend or guy

150. I had just graduated high school here in Vermont and moved away to Atlanta because it was everything Vermont wasn't, hot, crowded, and just plain ole not here. Anyways I got to perform oral and got fucked by a very famous rapper who claims "straight." I remember it was over he handed me some cash and said I had to get gong. When I was leaving the W Hotel, I didn't know what was code that I just took one in the face from rapper or that he had just paid my bills!

151. my first threesome.....2 guys and me!!!!...we started out in the hot tub and then made our way up to the bedroom. i laid down on the bed and a HUGE vibrating wand was taken out, plugged in, and put directly on my clit! um.....oh my god!!! i came within a minute!! that thing was sooooo powerful and intense! the two men stayed at the end of the bed watching my pussy grind that toy and come time after time. my body convulsed like it never has before....and i yelled louder than i ever have before!! finally, after coming 8-10 times, and leaving quite the wet spot on the bed, i had to beg them to stop!!!! i laid there quivering for a moment as the two men positioned themselves above me. they each knelt on the bed on either side of me and wagged their hard cocks above my head. i grabbed one and began sucking the other. i felt hands groping my entire body as i continued to pleasure both men. i switched back and forth a couple of times between the two.... the older gentleman made his way down to my pussy. he pulled my hips close to his, put on a condom, and pushed his large throbbing cock into me while i continued sucking off the other guy. the older man pulled out and told me to get on my knees... he positioned himself behind me as i found my way back to the cock i had just been sucking. he thrust inside me and started pounding away. the blow job then began to coincide with the motion of the fucking. i was such a happy gal at that point!!! a cock in my mouth and a cock stuffed inside my wet pussy!!! back and forth and back and forth... afterwards, we all collapsed on the bed breathless.

152. Calling up my lover and having a crazy sex session in a public darkroom...I had a key, and locked us in. We were on the floor in between the counters that held all the equipment. Being a photographer myself, I found it a real turn on. I recommend it...a small, dark room, with only a red lightbulb. It was my own red light district.

153. Well living at a dirty hotel in vermont for 4 weeks inviting over my partner (male) and going to town on me with anal beads in my ass, big pink dildo in my pussy along with his fingers and him licking my pussy until I exploded all over his face. then I watched him suck all the juices off the anal beads and dildo!

154. In my late 40s I got involved with a man 14 years younger than I. We met through my son, who like N., was a member of a car club. Sex with N. was really extraordinary! Most memorable was at a B + B in Maine where we spent a glorious weekend. N. really understood a woman's body and its needs. He was also very sensitive to my emotional needs. A terrific lover!! 2nd most memorable: Making love in a tent at 10,000 feet - the mountains in Utah with a guy I met on a Sierra Club expedition. K. and I were the same age (early 50s) and really hit it off.

155. taking on 2 guys at once @ a dance club in Tampa, Florida

156. 1st and only lesbian lover

157. I was 16 and staying with a friend & his family. I was in a band with this man - he was probably about 10 years older than I. He came into my room to say goodnight - gave me a kiss (we had been flirting and kissing a lot lately) and, when he realized that I was naked beneath the sheets, he immediately went down on me. It was the first orgasm I had had outside of masturbation and it was a really, really good orgasm! Yikes.

158. The first time I had sex in the high school auditorium.

159. my partner was house sitting for the principal of our highschool, and we had sex in her house, pool, and outside hot tub ;)

160. Having sex for the first time with my current was so hot!

161. With my current partner...he has a great body and large smooth hands that are always warm against my skin. Sometimes my second orgasm is so quick and unexpected it takes my breath away.

162. My ex-girlfriend and I went to "take a walk" during a party with friends. Well we ended up in the back seat of our friends car. Her clothes were off before I even realized. She started talking dirty. Kinda hardcore dirty. Unlike her. But I was into it. After about an hour, she had had 4 orgasms, she got tired. She finished me off with the best oral sex I' ever recieved. And we wondered back into the party.

163. Being on a hill in the mountains during the summer having sex.

164. having sex on the beach next to a camp fire

165. Having sex on the beach in Croatia while the sun was going down.

166. McDonalds parking lot, just had a cheeseburger.....our eyes met...she wanted me, i wanted her. so she climbed on top of me while a dozen other cars were eating near by. by the end of it, it was us.....and one old couple! lol

167. When my ex-girlfriend's mom walked into the room while receiving fellatio from my ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend was in a leg cast and fell off the bed while the mom placed her hand on her mouth, shrieked and left the room upon noticing my exposed genitals.

168. Oh, an ex-boyfriend, we knew we shouldn't be sleeping with each other again. It was like a last hurrah covered in weed and booze to help us make a bad decision even more easily. An all night marathon shag-fest, against the wall, in the bed upside down, right-side up, 69, doggie, etc. We just couldn't get enough of each other despite how much we'd hurt each other in the previous weeks.

169. making love in a tipi on a very very cold winter's day..... that's what happens when you're newly in love... you'll do all kinds of stupid things, even incurring frostbite!!!!

170. on a train in Europe with someone Hungarian who didn't speak English - we did it in the bathroom after drinking lots of moonshine and while his girlfriend was passed out

171. When my wife blindfolded me, tied me up and proceeded to tease and please me every way imaginable :)

172. Fucking my (then) girlfriend in the ass at her request for the first time. I've never come so hard.

173. I received a blowjob from my wife while driving at night in Pennsylvania while my brother in law was snoring in the back seat.

174. The 1st time with my now husband, he introduced me to oral and anal sex on the same night

175. The most memorable, not necessarily the best, sex I have had was at a nudist resort in Jamaica. The guy I was with at the time and I had sex next to the pool while another couple watched from their hotel room window.

176. Doing it all over my girlfriends parents house.

177. My first blow job - standing in a lake when I was fifteen.

178. sex with a cop on a car stop

179. Sex w/ a Japanese partner....he was the best I've ever had

180. I was 69ing with a current she gave me head a lot but never went very deep and never let me cum in her mouth, partly because i have a large penis. I was very turned on because I love giving oral. I am 'going to town' on her clit and I feel myself getting closer and she started to moan around my dick. She then started to grind her hips in to me as she started cumming and this brought me too the edge, i was about to warn her that I was going to cum when she unexpectedly deep throated my whole dick, stuck out her tongue and licked my balls. It was absolutely heaven. I could not even speak. I started having the best orgasm of my life and started shooting a lot of cum. She stared to slide up and off of my dick and i peaked around and saw this beautiful sight of my cum running out of her mouth and down my dick and It felt like I was still cumming.

181. My most memorable sexual experience was/is: every time my partner and I make love - it just gets better, and better, and better!!!

182. I had just decided to take a break with my boyfriend and try to get back into my friends and school. We were up late at night talking and started to get upset. We were both talking very openly about how much we love each other and the nature of our relationship. We then ended up having sex and it was the most passionate sex i've ever had because we thought it would be the last time. We ended up getting back together a month later and it still remains to be the best sex of my life

183. sex on a conference room table in a hotel in montreal with only boots on

184. One I never had but could have had with someone 17 years my senior.

185. My boyfriend-at-the-time and I were in college and were studying at the main library. This library is so big that there are phones in the stacks incase you get locked in and/or lost you can call and get help. We were wandering through the stacks, taking the old elevator, reading the old graffiti when we got an idea. We went back in the stacks and started to make-out. When we decided to have sex we were a bit limited since he was a foot taller than me. I climbed up a few shelves so that our junk was even and then we went to it. We thought we were so clever until someone decided to return a book in the book drop that was right next to us. We're still not sure if we were seen!

186. When she was on top smiling at me and screaming my name

187. when i was 30 a female friend took me to a swing club and when we walked in i was kinda intimidated but i soon found myself being re-born as to sex and how much it meant to me. we went to the back to where 6 king size beds were pushed together and there were around 20 females on the bed ranging from 21-55 and my friend told me to sit on the bed and as i did the ladies on the bed with the help of my friend striped me and when i was naked i had all i could do to catch my breath there were ladies licking me and each other and one by one they all mounted my face and my penis the night went on like a dream for many hours and when we were all done we went to the clubs huge hot tub to soak and i ended up having the best night of my life due to that night i have now been a swinger for 10 years and have had a wonderful time with hundreds of women.

188. having sex in the woods

189. fucking a beautiful girl in a corn maze before anyone else was there, leaving our clothes in a trail behind us

190. When a female friend arrived at my apartment following a fight with her boyfirend and she asked me to make love to her. I told her no, I couldn't do that as her boyfirned was also a friend of mine. But I said to her think it over and if that's still what you want, come over again the next day. She came over the next day and we made wild love for hours.

191. sex in public bathroom

192. In the darkroom in high school, oh the perks of yearbook staff. Not the best sex by far but the most memorable.

193. When I first began college, I bought my first vibrator. I was so excited about it I wanted to show it off to everyone in the student housing how awesome it was. I stripped to my underwear and went to town while laying on a friend bean bag. Everyone that was outside came inside to watch. I went to film school so everyone grabbed their camera's to do a "documentary" on female sexuality in college. Later that night I topped the evening off by doing a screening of a porn a boyfriend and I had made. Next day in school the word was out and for years everyone knew as the "porn chick". Even teachers knew me as that.

194. getting a blowjob while handcuffed in a poorly lit parking lot.

195. the first time I had sex with my current partner of 4 years, we were at a party at my apartment where we were all dressed to the nines (he's very sexy in a suit and tie!) and he brought me into the bathroom and lifted me onto the sink and we did it for two straight hours! It was amazing, and I had bruises on my lower back from the faucet to prove it!

196. I can't say there was just one most memorable. What stands out the most was the first time with partners 1, 4, 5, and 7. Also when #7 returned from her fist trip away from me at which time she became pregnant with our first born.

197. June '07... Flying from LaGuardia in NYC to Salt Lake City. I sit down in my aisle seat, and as people move past me looking for their seats, a pretty girl walks by and smiles at me and gives me the fuck-me eyes. I smile back, but can't think of anything i could really do about it. About 15 minutes in to the flight, she comes up to my seat and asks to borrow a pen and puts her hand on my leg. I gave her a pen and a smile and squeezed her hand a little when i gave her my pen. She returned about two minutes later with a note reading: " Hi, My name is K., this is kind of awkward, and I've never done this before, but I'm interested if you are..." Immediate boner. I wanted to hug the fat sleeping man next to me. I composed myself, stood up and looked two rows back and gave her a nod. We walked together to the bathroom, and had a brief conversation. I told her that i was going to Salt Lake to work at a Wilderness Therapy program for the summer, and then the bathroom door sign turned to vacant. She entered first, i looked around a little bit, and went in. We immediately started going at it. Tearing at each others clothes, and kissing and biting and breathing heavy. I dropped down to get her pussy nice and wet but found that I had no work to do. Girl was soaked already. I lifted her up and sat her on the sink and started pounding away. Only about 3 minutes later, she said " we have to stop this." At this point nothing could have brought me down, so i said fine, pulled up my pants and left the bathroom... Looking around for validation when she came out, i could find no dude to high five. I sat down in my seat, thinking who i should call first when i got of the plane. All of a sudden she was there again with another note. This one read, in new handwriting "Hey Wilderness guy, My friend says you're good, 3 way?" I almost creamed my pants. I stood up and went back to where they were sitting a few rows behind me. I said that i had an airport hotel booked for the night, and that we should just go there. They said they were connecting to San Francisco, so asked if they thought we could fit. They both smiled and we all stood up and filed in one by one. My first three way kiss, in an airplane bathroom was a blissful moment. I started fingering them both. The new girl, whose name i never caught, had an ample bush in contrast to K.'s clean shaven snatch. I got the new girl's pants off, and K. started fingering her while i worked on K.'s jeans. I sat on the toilet and pulled the new girl down with me. She was riding me reverse cowgirl while sucking K.'s tits and fingering her. It didnt take much time for this to get my juices flowing. I proclaimed that i was gonna come soon, and the new girl got up and said "Don't come in my pussy!" I held in my load, and started banging K. from behind against the sink while fingering the other girl. Soon enough i proclaimed that i was gonna come, and K. said "Not in my pussy!" I pulled out, busted on her ass, and immediately my brain switched from following my penis to following logic. In a bit of a panic, I pulled up my pants and left the bathroom to find four people in line. I could sense the confusion when the door immediately locked again. Watching from my seat, when two girls came out of the bathroom, one dude in line looked back at me with utmost respect, two of the people went to get in line for the bathroom at the back of the line, but the old lady who must have had to go really bad went right in to the sweaty, cummy, fogged mirror, pussy soaked sink nastiest bathroom ever. I got another note thanking me for a good time, I gave the girls my number, and watched Grandma's boy on my computer. :)

198. "Fist Fucking"

199. fucking in a hammock

200. Worked all night to get the babe. Gave her oral, she maturbated in front of me. Then we had sex doggy. I had to leave early the next day. She said "Thanks Lover!"

201. office

202. My boyfriends parents would go away and we'd turn their house into a pot smoking house of love.

203. waking up the next day for find that i was the loudest friend that her parents remember her having over in a long time.

204. The first time with my current partner. It took us three hours to get completely naked. We had sex a couple of times, but spent all night just enjoying each other. The sun came up before we decided we should get some rest.

205. The first time I got into bed with a woman who wasn't my wife -- because my wife and I had decided to begin practicing consensual non-monogamy.

206. The time I had sex with my roommate's ex boyfriend on a balcony while she was in the next room. He was also the boy who used to pick on me in second grade.

207. One day my ex and I couldn't keep our hands off eachother--we did it on the floor at his place, fooled around outside, did it in the elevator at my place, and then in my place on the floor, against the door and in a bunch of positions on the bed. It was incredibly hot.

208. The first time I had sex with my boss. He is married and he would come to my house early in the morning. I'd leave the door unlocked and he would come in and wake me up.

209. when complete love and sex combine

210. Having sex with my boyfriend in my Math professor's house- in her son's bed! He was friends with the prof, and was visiting me here. Rather than sexile my roommate, I spent my nights there- we moved the mattress to the floor to keep the bedframe from squeaking.

211. Having roaming-the-house sex and breaking a coffee table.. Explaining that to the owner of the coffee table was fun ;) Definitely something I'll never forget!

212. having some sort of time space lapse in orgasm

213. The first time I had multiple orgasms. We were a relatively new partnership, and it took a while for me to be able to orgasm from her. Once she started learning what made me moan the loudest, and I relaxed and became comfortable with our new relationship I learned that sex can be ... WOW

214. My most momeroralbe sexual expereince was in the parking lot at Sugarbush, in a Honda Civic after a longand hard day of skiing, and preforing oral sex on my partner while on the chair lift.

215. in college with a boyfriend, roommate wasnt going to be in all night and we had the room to ourselves

216. Last night while getting busy with my girlfriend I experienced firsthand the myth that is female ejaculation. And by firsthand I mean I was the one doing the ejaculating. Didn't even think that happened in real life! Inspired me to fill out this survey.

217. on a private island in the middle of lake champlain

218. most memorable sexual experience was during a camping trip with friends. After a long night of drinking , a friend snook in my my tent and went down on me. Then I carried her down to the river where we made love under the stars until sunrise.

219. Montreal, New Years Eve on the 23rd floor of a hotel, in an unlocked conference room. View of the whole champaign-twinkling city out the endless window as I executively executed my girlfriend doggy-style on the middle of the massive oak table. Evian, crystal glasses, and water-stained pads of paper set up for the next round of business were knocked to the ground by her brown knee high leather boots. Nobody was taking our minutes.

220. The night my partner made me come to orgasm 42 times! We had only been intimate one or two times beforehand and waited over a month to have sex at all. He twisted me in every imaginable position and his big cock pounding inside of me combined with some generous clit rubbing produced the most mind-blowing sensations running through my body over and over and over. We are both single and get together at least once a week and I am guaranteed to come at least 5 times. He is almost twice my age, gorgeous, and has stamina of a 20 year old but thankfully knows how to use his equipment much better. Getting wet just thinking about it.

221. Im a Virgin

222. my wife wearing a leather skirt and tall boots. me with my leather pants around my ankles. I hiked up her skirt and fucked her on our kitchen island. I proceeded to eat my cum from her pussy when I was done.

223. With my tennis coach in College. It was her first teaching/coaching job and she was hot. We finally hooked up in her apartment one night after practice and it was the beginning of an awsome tennis season.

224. visiting a high school girlfiend after not seeing her for 8 years- the sex was so much better - incredibily hot- she loved being playfully spanked then entered when she was on all fours, shoulders on the floor, legs spreadand her perfect ass pointing skyward

225. Having sex with a many muscled, caramel browned Maori tribesman. After, he made me homemade chocolate cake. And then asked me to marry him, and offered to give me a debit card to travel around the South Island of New Zealand...

226. Watching myself my face in the mirror while I banged him from behind.

227. when I was in downtown Geneva, Switzerland having sex with a gypsy in a public park at 3 in the morning.

228. My most memorable but most painful experience was having anal for the first time. The guy I was sleeping with didn't even ask!

229. While cruising a popular cruising area along a river in Vermont, I came a cross a friend from high school, we both knew why were there. so we started groping ourselves, the I reached out and rubbed him... this went further to me giving him oral. WIth his pants on the ground and me with my knees in the dirt another guy comes along and starts rubbing his ass, then I feel someone beginning to suck my penis. It turns out to be a wonderful ma-nag-a-quad. A small orgy in the woods, by a river and with stranger. Oh so HOT!!

230. buttfucking my girlfriend in the bathroom while her kids watched TV in the next room

231. I woke up with my girlfriend on riding on top of me. I was hard when I was sleeping i guess and didn't wake up until she was going at it. Very hot.

232. Getting caught doing it on the couch with the wife by our teenage son.

233. In the sunroom, middle of the day.

234. In a two-bed motel room with my bff and her guy in one and me and mine in another... we paid a lot of money for that high-rise in Times Square, but we got our money's worth!

235. When, on my 3rd date with my first and current partner I finally had the guts to stand still enough before hopping in my car for him to kiss me for the first time, long and hard.

236. latest most memorable experience was having sex with the man who lives downstairs from me, on the floor, couch, table, standing. Most memorable from the past, letting my ex-husband fuck me in the ass.

237. baseball field against the fence

238. One summer day on the Burlington Bike Path...

239. When my lover teased me by switching between oral and vaginal sex until i had a whole body orgasm while on his bed by a lovely fire. The longest, most hot, wet, passionate, out of body sexual experience ever.

240. There isn't one that stands out particularly

241. Hours-long session in college, a Rolling Stones tape going on automatic reverse play, and hearing the whole album about 5 times.

242. giving oral outside

243. a threesome with my partner and another woman watching them, having them both make love to me one going down on me the other kissing me and caressing, sucking my breasts, making love with my lover after the other woman went ot sleep because we were both still so turned on. having my over so turned on we made love again after the third woman went to sleep

244. I was in a public library around 3 p.m. with my long term boyfriend and the growing urge I had to jump on him was rapidly becoming uncontrollable. My eyes slivered, I bit my lips and slowly turned to him. "Here?!" he whispered. I nodded slowly, and we proceeded to have quick, dirty, discrete sex in the middle of the fiction section. He climaxed. We didn't get caught.

245. While staying at Stowe's stone hut, my partner and I discovered that the kitchen door at the octagon was left unlocked. We took advantage and had sex in a dining room chair and on one of the glass tables.

246. Hiking to the top of Mansfield, sneaking into the Stowe "octagon" lodge, and having sex in the chairs and on the tables of the dining area...they wash them every morning right? I couldn't help but hope it was a Masshole and not a fellow Vermonter who sat there eating his overpriced meal though...

247. The first time; road head; in Lake; on mountain top; and the other day when my partner massaged me for 15 or 20 minutes before going down on me, then fucking me; a few other especially hot sessions; but no one in particular stands out.

248. Too many to choose just one.

249. The first time my current boyfriend and I had sex, I was so pleased to find out that he was amaaaaazing at what he did. It was a wonderful first time in the relationship.

250. There are so many, but I remember a session with a lover and we were masturbating each other. We came at the same time, which was pretty amazing in and of itself, but my lover shot so far it went over my head and landed on his desk. That was cool.

251. My most memorable sexual experience was something that danced into my lonely life some seventeen years ago. I was a meat cutter in a local, high-end butcher shop. I was young, single, loving my job and digging life. A hot and lovely customer had been flirting with me for months. Both my ego and I were thriving on the attention. She was what I'm inclined to describe as being of 'black-Irish' persuasion, though I've no solid definition of the term. She was what I imaginged the 'black-Irish' to be: dark, mysterious, intense, foreboding, philosophical, and inherently drop-dead gorgeous. I was rather smitten the first time I saw her. Late one evening the customer came to the counter to get some meat. "I have something to show you," she whispered seductively. After glancing about to see if others were watching, she opened her coat. Wow! Everything was black: the bra and panties, the stockings, garters and belt were all very black, very lacey, and so very pretty. She looked absolutely delicious. I had not been with any woman for some time; this made her all-the-more appealing. And, while not a virgin, I wasn't very experienced in matters sexual. With wet, heavy breath she gave me directions to her nearby apartment and suggested I "stop by" after my shift. I nearly came at the sound of her voice on my neck. The time-clock couldn't move fast enough! At last, I was able to "stop by," as suggested. D. met me at the door. She led me to her bedroom. Along the way we stopped to engage in powerful, aggressive sex on the stairs, in two hallways, and in the bathroom, over the sink. It was amazing and (literally) no holes barred! It was the way I imagined sex was supposed to be, when it was being taken seriously. (I still get a rush thinking about it these seventeen years gone! Incredible!) We both enjoyed that evening. We enjoyed it as such that we spent nearly every evening for the next two years in quite the same fashion. I loved it! My ego helps me to reason that she loved it also. Looking back with fond memories, I honestly believe D. and I shared no less than three thousand orgasms during those two years -- no less. It wasn't always pretty, either. Much of it played out like contact sport. At times the passion was brutal, even painful. Amazing! Sadly, it ended soon after I met her husband face-to-face. Without a face to put to the man, I had been able to convince myself that he didn't even exist. After meeting him, though, it was more than my conscience could bear. It had to end. A certain measure of guilt invariably tries to accompany my memories of that experience -- that relationship -- but, once I'm able to push through that guilt, I remember it fondly for the naughty, dirty, loving fun that it was. It was, by far, my most memorable sexual experience.

252. Just lying with my girlfriend arm in arm all night long, watching the sunrise and then having sex all morning long. We were both very young and the newness of it was extremely exciting. I remember we were both looking into each others eyes and feeling that our heartbeats were on the exact same wavelength. For the sunrise her cheeks matched the color of the sky. That's something you don't ever forget.

253. the all night drunken sex session the first time my man and i had sex. i remember it being crazy and all over the place. it was more fun than i could have imagined.

254. When I girlfriend placed me on a table and gave me oral sex, then tied me to a chair, blind-folded me and blew me with whipped-cream. ;)

255. This past Christmas Eve receiving an incredible tantric sex massage and finally making love on the massage table.

256. There isn't one that stands out.

257. not too long ago, actually... i had been horny for the entire day, but hadn't touched myself at all. i was reading sexy stories online because i knew that we were going to play later. when we did start playing, he teased me for so long, just lightly brushing my clit, massaging my lips and breathing on me. it was heaven. and it was driving me crazy. and amazing orgasm plus amazing sex and utilizing our new spanker followed. i had three orgasms and he came in me twice.

258. meeting a woman through a phone sex line and peeing in her mouth

259. Middle of the day, my guy and I went to a park that was rarely inhabited. We considered it our secret meeting place to sit and cuddle, or walk around and hold hands. We took a walk and played frisbee for a while. I walked down the hill with him towards a stone wall, where the nuns from my high school lived on the other side! Standing up against the dirty stone wall, thinking that there may be someone walking their dog around the corner, I started touching him and teasing him, and that made me want him so much more. It wasn't the longest sex we experienced, and we didn't even have our pants fully off, but the rush of it, the possibility of getting caught was such a turn on that I will remember that moment forever.

260. a one night stand I had with an Australian lifeguard. He was so hot I had my roommate peak in the room as we gossiped over morning coffee.

261. A sunny hillside in the UK. I made noises I had never known before.

262. Having sex at the top of a waterfall. We realized we had an audience about half way through and when we were done, my partner stood up, bowed and then handed me her clothes and walked back to my truck.

263. a 3-hour one night stand (supposedly)! it was crazy!

264. my girlfriend and i had been working a horrible concert, and i had been called by my boss saying that i had to finish some work for a website i had been working on that night. i told her that i could take her home if she wanted, but she wanted to come over anyways and read and just snuggle up to me. i brought out my record player and started playing a record that she had never heard, because she loved when i do that as she says that my record collection is one of the most incredible things she has seen in ages as far as music goes. i worked for about an hour until i was totally done and she had fallen asleep resting up against me. i started taking my fingers and slowly moving them around her body, she slowly started to wake up as i started kissing her neck. i kissed my way down her body and slid off her pants and began eating her out. she climaxed several times before pulling me up and kissing me as hard as she possibly could. she ripped off my shirt and threw me backwards. she pulled out my cock and started giving me head as she grabbed for the condoms. she threw it on and we started making love. kissing at every moment we could. she would scream my name and shriek as loud as she could. i pushed up and put her on her back. lifting her legs over my shoulders, as this is her favorite position, and went as deep as i could inside of her. she started to shake as she does whenever she reaches climax, and so i start up again. after a bit i move her legs to the side and start spooning her. pulling her head back by the hair and giving her all i could give. we kiss through the awkward but incredible position we got into next, i dont even think i could describe it, i dont know how to even get back to that if i tried. after some time passed i finally came inside of her and we laid there kissing until we fell asleep together. just to have her wake me up the next morning in the same fashion.

265. when i spent the night with my lover for the first time after 30 years... we had gone together at 17 and never slept with each other... 30 years later, making love was beautiful... we are both married.

266. while trying for pregnancy and then during pregnancy (my wife never looked more sexy to me than when she was pregnant and she has always looked sexy to me!)

267. I had sex on the balcony at the state house in Providence in the middle of the day. (Short skirt, from get the picture.)

268. in the shower with lots and lots of soap!

269. My most memorable sexual experience was on a warm summer afternoon many years ago just after I finished grad school, when one of my professors, whom I had had sexual fantasies for years about, told me one afternoon at her house after we played tennis that her husband had gone out for the afternoon so that she and I could have the house to ourselves. We shared passionate kisses, and continued wonderful lovemaking into the shower, then into the jacuzzi, then through the living room and into the bedroom, and back into the living room. I'll never forget the wonderful sight of her, her taste and smell, her touch. I haven't seen her for years now, but I still have the fantasies.

270. with ice cubes and a book on sexual positions

271. I was out of town taking a photography class. After class, I went to the resturant/bar across from my bed and breakfast. There were very few people in there so I sat at the bar to eat and have a few cocktails. I was immediately mesmerized by the bartenter serving me. She was a beautiful, classy french girl with long dark hair, big blue eyes, and a soft but confident demenor. Because the bar was so empty, we struck up conversation and I could feel the sexual tension becoming too thick for the air. After a few hours, several drinks and and my brain about to explode, she slipped me a note on a napkin to meet her outside for her break. To my surprise she lived in a small apartment above the bar, which she quickly dragged me to. Without hesitation she kissed me, undid my shirt, reached down my pants and brought me to an unbearable climax. We fell on the couch and stripped off what clothes were still clinging. My tongue licked her nipples, then belly and my finger entered her, first one then two digits. We both came within a few minutes and I was left numb. I had never done anything like this before with a stranger, and certainly not with another girl, as I am a hetero female.

272. I met an actor working for Vermont Stage through a friend working on the show. Another friend and I went to watch the show and ended up hanging out with the cast after, going to the bars and whatnot. In the end we ended up at their hotel in couples. We were playing the guitar and talking when he started to take my shoes off. He pulled my dress off so I was just wearing red tights and my bra. Then we got down of the floor, we ended traveling all the way across the floor of his huge hotel room. It was a one night stand but I have a playbill and some rug burns to show for it.

273. 4 some..I cheated on my husband with a guy from the gym who was cheating on his wife. His friends stopped by, another couple and we all kind of went at was amazing. I felt a twinge of guilt but definately a cool experience

274. Erotic tickling. No feathers or cheap dusters from porn shops, just fingers and loving touches. Now that's sex!

275. My first time having strap on sex with my girlfriend

276. sex on the hood of a truck in a bar parking lot at 1 a.m.

277. In the forest on the rim of a cannion , the air was warm and dry, animals skittered around ..we were on a fallen tree, he sat down first, I sat on him , both facing forward, it was i, young my breast being carressed by the breeses, his hands around my slender waist , moving me up and down, up and down, me leaning forward and back.....foot-steps rustling in the pine needles not too far off... quicker we went in order to finish before getting caught, winded and ruffled by the time our clothes we back in place.........

278. hooking up with a woman 10 years older than me. Strange.

279. halloween. i was sober, he was WASTED. best sex EVER! he ripped my clothes off, kissed me passionately, we were biting each other, being really aggressive, naked and fucking ALL night long. it was great just being close and comfortable like that.

280. Getting a woman off with my fingers while driving and talking dirty to her then then pulling over just barely out of sight of a main road. She climbed on board while I was still in the driver's seat and stayed for four more orgasms before we moved it outside and all around the car before she sat just in the back seat and finished me off orally.

281. summer night, back of a car, him sitting, me straddling him, steaming up all the windows

282. so many

283. Let's call him "Tobias". Around our college graduation many girls in my circle of friends were sleeping with the same guy. My turn was thrilling knowing that we were all friends and sharing in each others' sexuality.

284. Probably my first. I've had better since, (thank GOD) but thinking about my first always makes me smile. My best friend (a guy) and I very seriously discussed the pros and cons of hooking up one evening and decided to go for it. It should have been emotionally awkward and wasn't; it WAS physically awkward, since we were both virgins at the time. We're still best friends, and every so often we have the "hey, remember the first time we had sex?" conversation and laugh our asses off.

285. My lovely boyfriend and I were coming down off the peak of Camel's Hump and headed off into the deep green moss and the mist, and we tussled like wild animals down to deer's eye level in the underbrush. He striaghtforward bent me over a ledge and f*cked me about 100 ft from the trail, all stealthy and quick and furious like prey animals. It was freezing out.

286. When my lover asked me to try to put my tongue up her ass.

287. My mom accidentally introduced me to masturbation. Back massager+ seat cushion= epiphany.

288. First time squirting!

289. Losing my anal virginity at 22 to a woman 15 years older than me. Then being taken again, and again, and again, and again that night. We were both quite stoned at the time. It was my introduction to D/s, I found I enjoyed it, and it was the beginning of expanding a lot of my limits.

290. Having an orgy with 7 other people.

291. my first time with a woman

292. When I received two blowjobs about five minutes apart on a whim

293. My lover giving me head in the back seat of my car in broad daylight in a church parking lot.

294. getting dry-humped by a co-worker...we were hugging, and then she started rubbing her bent leg up against my crotch. She also stuck her tongue in and out of my ear... it turned me on, I must say!

295. Getting a blow job in the elevator at Penn Station in NYC at 4 am from a train conductor.

296. Having sex with 2 men at once and sucking and fucking them both and posing in sexy clothes for them.

297. I was having an affair with a married coworker. We'd picked the lock of a supply closet at work during our lunch break and were getting hot and heavy with me sitting on a chair, she on top of me. It was great, the feel of her ass in my hands as I helped her ride me, and how her fingers tightened in my hair and scratched the back of my shoulders. We got so into it, we didn't realize how loud we were, nor how loud the chair was. Afterwards, when we finished and heard people walking by outside, it was all we could do to keep from laughing. Great sex, the thrill of being discovered at work, and laughing together afterwards makes it my best sexual experience.

298. Doing it doggie style in a cemetary against the hood of my car

299. On a living room floor with a fantastic woman as six of her girlfriends watched. The hotter we got the hornier our audience got and they soon were following my suggestions and were naked. As my lady sucked my A hole I let everyone else take turns sucking my cock, her titties and her pussy. We ended in one big pile of bods.

300. when i got caught by the cops in colchester vt having sex .... they told us to move it somewhere else and we did and yeah he got so freaked out he couldnt get it up again : (

301. when this creepy guy like tossed my salad without any warning

302. Man, I don't know that I want to share. There was a nice blackout blow job in a professor's office while in college, but the real good stuff, that's just for me.

303. orgy with 5 other guys at an office in the middle of the day...dicks and balls everywhere and making out with all those men was very hot.

304. First time I masturbated.

305. Having anal sex in my boss's home office

306. My wife going down on me while I was driving.

307. Ones I would like to remember, I do not have one.

308. Two years ago on July 5th, I had the most amazing sex of my life (and longest)! The only snag was my partner was engaged...

309. having sex with a friend while on ecstasy.

310. Four hours of Ecstasy enhanced boy-on-boy action.

311. being with a girl.

312. At the Warren skinnydipping place.. Can't remember what they call that place.. My boyfriend and I were there at almost dusk. No one else was there (that we know of!).. I was feeling very free. We made love right out in the open, to the side of a path. Anyone coming down the path would have seen. I didn't care. He kept getting up, totally naked, to go check at the top of the path to make sure no one was coming. I was so relaxed and comfortable, I just didn't care and found it so comical that he kept checking. Really, what's the worst that could have happened (other than getting arrested?) I'd do it again.

313. Me and my sister met a couple Yale seniors at Senor Frogs in Cancun. We ended up making out and dancing all night, and then found a secluded spot near the club to continue. we eventually made it back to their place, but my sister and her guy got the bed so we were in the bathroom. we didn't end up actually having was too awkward because he had such a huge dick! We fooled around a little more but even thinking about that night gets me off everytime.

314. Getting a great blowjob by a high altitude lake in colorado

315. Too hard to narrow it down. One involves a kiddie car ride in front of Kmart...

316. It's a tie. 1) one hot night with an ex - we were both upset and drunk and needed that release, and we knew each other well enough that we could both be a mess and have a mind-blowing, violent, cathartic night, and 2) a sex dream I had about my partner tying me up in a semi-public place with a particular item of clothing - the dream was so hot that every time he wears or mentions that item, it turns me on.

317. My high-school sweetheart answered her door wearing a trench coat for my 18th birthday. As I peeled it off, I discovered all she was wearing underneath was a red ribbon wrapped around her navel. She then asked me to "unwrap" her using nothing but my tongue. Needless to say, I was happy to oblige.

318. Lesbian sex on one of those aquatic trampolines on Lake Champlain with a girl who used to be a fellow counselor at all-girls Catholic camp. Praise Jesus!

319. Just a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were flirting in a local grocery store and I managed to go down on him in the bread/cereal aisle. No one noticed.

320. Dressing room at Victorias Secret

321. The first time my (very) sexy (straight) friend and I did XTC and one thing led to another. Wow, was that hot - because it was spontaneous. I still remember it vividly 20 years later.

322. having sex in a lutheran church during a cub scout meeting

323. when my girlfriend woke up in the middle of the night and started riding me uncontrollably.

324. Sex with a co-worker in a national park during lunch.

325. when i first received oral...we were both very young and she was very eager

326. I had a very dirty affair with someone I had only met a few time.... via text message. We texted all day, every day for about a month. I would have to take breaks at work to masturbate in the bathroom. I'd take dirty pictures for him in public places (work bathroom, dressing room, movie theatre, etc...) Finally I was able to make the 5 hour trip to see him. We hadnt seen each other in over a year, and I didnt know where he lived, so we decided to meet in town. Without saying a word, we got out of our cars and immediately started making out. He threw me on top of his car, tied up my wrists, and fucked me in a church parking lot. It was amazing.

327. A cande lit bathtub, leading to a sensual massage and then mind blowing sex

328. tied to the door of a mirrored closet at a hotel and getting fucked by a tranny with his strap on.

329. A quickie up against a train

330. Having strap on sex with my boss

331. One time I was having sex with my boyfriend on a bed that had a shelf on the top of the headboard. I had recently bought him a turtle for his birthday, so on the shelf was a huge tupperware container of ice cold water. We were really going at it, and right as we were both about to cum, the tub of water spilled all over us and his bed. Then, to make matters worse, he had a glass lamp filled with beads on top of the headboard as well, and that fell down, hit him in the head, then fell on the floor, where it shattered and all the beads scattered across the floor. We stopped for about 2 minutes to clean up but then got right back to it after hehe.

332. Sex on a somebody else's work bench in a shop with a window right on a main street

333. FFM threesome.

334. Scuba diving into a lagoon and ditching our gear...

335. Wouldn't you like to know?

336. i feel like ive had too many good times to pick the most memorable. i suppose the times i've done it in more public spots have been the most exciting and satisfing in some strange way. my long time girlfriend and i got it on in the bathroom on a greyhound bus early in our relationship. It was VERY cramped and even sexier. Knowing how risky it was made it better

337. Having sex in a cemetery with a long time friend after we just realized feelings for each other.

338. I think I'll head upstairs to create one now.

339. Still waiting for memorable...

340. My first

341. getting head at a table in McDonalds while the security guard watched and tried to decide whether to tell us to stop and draw everyone's attention to it or to just let it play itself out.

342. The first time I was on top. Woo hoo!

343. on the beach after art hop with a camelback full of wine

344. I gave my boyfriend a lap dance in a hot hot black outfit with black leather boots. Danced and danced with no touching....eventually let him bend me over and fuck me from behind with his enormous cock. He grabbed my tits the whole time and spoke dirty words to me in Dutch while spanking my ass a few times. Being talked dirty to in another language is INCREDIBLE!

345. Staying up until five in the morning with my girlfriend in my bed

346. Making out with a French man in a bar

347. Giving my boyfriend head in the Sex Museum in Amsterdam or doing it in an alley after dinner at Parima.

348. my first time.. in the woods good stuff

349. My girlfriend brought her brother's girlfriend home for a threesome. She tasted amazing and had tightest/wettest pussy evar!

350. The time a good female friend seduced me and a buddy in a taxicab. She then invited us in and let us take turns having her any which way. Really enjoyed slamfucking her while she sucked my friends dick.

351. Making love with my lover at the Plaza Hotel in the Renaissance Center in Detroit, leaving the curtains open and being watched by workers in the surrounding office towers.

352. Sex on a patio overlooking a busy street in San Francisco.

353. First time being with a new partner...we had several really nice dates and some heavy makeout sessions. Clearly we wanted each other but were not quite ready. We go to her bedroom, lie on her bed and makeout some more and i remove her pants. My hands are wandering and she is moving her hips and softly moaning. I whisper for her to touch herself for me and she pulls her panties part way down and proceeds to make herself cum while i watch. This might sound vanilla but trust me when i say it was hot hot hot.

354. A threesome with my girlfriend and her best friend who had the hots for me

355. haha too many of them, especially the threesomes. I prefer the 2F 1M ones, but any would do.

356. On a park bench at the beach in Melbourne FL

357. I had sex with someone I had been talking to for a month or so and we had just met that evening. We had such a strong connection we were able to do a fair amount of BDSM activities including wearing collar, spanking, flogging, it was one of the longest sex scenes I've ever had. I actually cried she took the collar off me at the end.

358. Having sex in the middle of a field. We both wore clothes that were easy to take on and off in case we got caught and needed to re-dress in a hurry. I got more mosquito bites in places you don't want to know about than anyone should ever have to, but it was still amazing!

359. the first time I had someone walk me to my car after a date-- I was used to being the nice one, so it was nice for someone to be nice to me for a change!

360. Driving 30 minutes outside of a city I was in for work to meet up with a guy I had met once. He gave me oral sex on a log by a river frequented by wakeboarding boats. Then getting naughty on his dirt bike, then proceeding to the bedroom for a few rounds.

361. having sex in a hotel room on NYE where she had so many and so great orgasms that she passed out and remained unconcious

362. My first threesome. Fantastic!

363. one night stand in college- she jumped up and closed the door and started blowing me before I knew what was happening!

364. Oral sex from a younger female friend who swallowed and then kept on sucking.

365. The altar of a local catholic church.

366. After meeting a Norwegian Fighter Pilot at a apres ski bar I took him back to my hotel but my friend was asleep and I didn't want to wake her up. Try as we might we had a hard time finding a non-public place to hump, so we settled for the main lobby ladies room floor. It was early in the morning so the chance of someone walking in was slim. He was over six feet five, blond with a fantastic accent and a huge cock. We were all over that bathroom. We humped so hard that I rubbed the skin off the insides of my knees and the tops of my feet while I was on top! I never got his name but I will always think fondly of Norwegians. Hia Norway!

367. There have been many, so it is hard to choose the most. Maybe early on when a prolonged session with several orgasms ended with my wife standing up leaning against the wall while I fucked her in the ass. There were other great times, but this was the one that showed us how much was possible.

368. before we were married, my wife and i took a blanket and picnic basket to this "lovers' lane" type area under the end of one of the runways at the atlanta international airport. we spread the blanket out on a summer friday evening and ate supper. we'd heard about this place from a couple we worked with. there were other couples spread out all over the place - some in cars, some on blankets. after making out for a while, once it got dark we took off our clothes and really started to go at it. this was also the time that the incoming air traffic started to pick up at the busiest airport in the country. we'd suck, fuck, suck and fuck some more. but we specifically held off cumming, waiting for the jets. we finally got to the point where we were just lying there, me balls deep in her pussy, with the big jets coming in for a landing just fifty or so feet directly over us. as they flew over, the ground under us would shake, almost like an earthquake, and the vibrations went through our bodies without us even moving at all. we stayed like that for almost an hour, only changing positions between planes, and with an occasional thrust here and there - edging closer and closer to climax. when we finally came, it was like never before, or since. from the sounds around us in the dark, it was obvious that other couples were having similar experiences. if we go back to visit atlanta, i'd like to see if that spot has survived development.

369. with partner in a grocery store that was being built at the time, just close enough to the salamander to be warm but far enough away as not to the wide open...

370. Is about to happen in a few minutes, so I gotta go!

371. My most memorable sexual experience is definitely the first time a boy ever touched my vagina! I was thinking something like "Wow, really!? You don't think that's gross?" It was great.

372. Having sex in the water at a family reunion with 30 or so people in plain sight.

373. My most memorable sexual experience was memorable.

374. Being recently reunited with my lover after he was away for three months!

375. It was memorable, but not particularly sexy: I had hooked up with a guy while camping, and no matter how much I shushed him, he wouldn't stop grunting and snorting VERY loudly, like some kind of rutting wild boar. I just knew that everyone else in the whole came heard it, and was embarrassed beyond belief.

376. F-ing on a gondola in the swiss alps!

377. i was in the costco parking lot... it must have been like 2 when a cop car pulled up and i was giving my gf some lovin' down under.... that was some fast redressing

378. in the library

379. This October. My ex was back in town and we met to "catch up". We hadn't seen each other in months because we go to school in different states. Needless to say it was probably the best sex I've ever had, and it resulted in multiple orgasms.

380. Having my current partner arrive at my house at 7:50 AM, after driving 2 hours from his house, and climb into my bed, wake me making love with me gently and for over an hour until I had a full body orgasm, that lasted for quite a long while.

381. none sadly

382. Steaming up a gondola at stowe with some very hot yet chilly sex.

383. I was in 8th grade, and my boyfriend and I were alone in his mother's house one evening. We were making out in the kitchen, and he spontaneously hiked up my skirt and went down on me. It was his first time (and mine), but to this day I'll never forget the breathtaking, knee-weakening waves of pleasure he bestowed on me--I remember being simultaneously overcome with disbelief and ecstasy. I think all of my sexual encounters since then have been a search for a return to those inexplicably beautiful moments where he made the rest of the universe temporarily disappear. Until his mother came home, that is. We never got to 'finish', and we parted ways soon after--to my eternal regret. Whoever his wife or girlfriend is now, she's a lucky woman.

384. um probably the time my old boyfriend came to my parent's house in ct for the first time. my mom very generously gave us money to go out to dinner, so we (keepin' it classy: you know, you know) used her $$ to buy a case of beer, drove to the local town dog-pound/dump/school-bus parking lot (its all oddly in the same place in my hometown), pumped up Paul Simon's 'Graceland,' and had some sweet, hilarious, and very fun sex. Ha, but what made the evening particularly memorable comes next: we were chilling there in that parking lot with the music going, that the battery of the car we were in was totally drained. So not knowing what else to do, we spent a good half hour pushing the car, cause one of heard that if we do that we could actually get the engine revved up.... Then, [enter stage left]: a local cop/ my D.A.R.E. teacher from the 5th fucking grade. Stupid small towns. He totally remembered who I was, and I don't know how the hell he didn't know we'd been drinking beers and having sex at the dump. But whatever, he didn't ask too many questions. All that happened from there was that the cop dude helped us push the car till the engine revved (who knew that would actually work?!), and we drove away. yup.

385. having sex on a beach as my partners cousin kayaked by in the ocean.

386. While traveling throughout Sweden, I spent a night hanging out in a gay bar in Stockholm. While sipping a beer, a tall, musclebound stud began eyeing me from across the room. we chatted and decided to go somewhere to eat and talk. We got on very well and decided to exchange information and exchange ways. At the train station, he complained of headaches and said he was having a migraine attack. I didn't want to leave him alone, so I decided to follow him to his apartment to make sure he was ok. When we got there, his headache miraculously cleared up, and for being such a nice guy, he said he would reward me with a full body massage. I stripped down and he dripped oil all over my back side. He rubbed me up and down and began focusing heavily on my ass. He said I had too much tension there and would try a new technique to relieve it. I then felt his hard cock pressing intently against my slick asshole as he draped his muscled frame over me. He fucked me hard on his massage table until I came.

387. doggy style on 45 foot boat while another boat followed and watched

388. The last time with my husband. I got pregnant!! :)

389. girlfriend through the roof hatch during a lunar eclipse

390. summer in the rain..young..not a care in the world..night time

391. the first time I gave a new boyfriend head. He had never been given oral sex before and he LOVED it.

392. Fucking a girl from behind bent over the front railing on the 13th Deck of a cruise boat Titanic Style! It was 3 in the morning and she whispered in my ear that she wasn't wearing any panties (and was wear a skirt at the time). I grabbed her and began to look for a place to go. We got up to the top deck and couldn't resist bending her over the front railing and taking her from behind. I was 'on top of the world' it was amazing. Will never forget that night!

393. In front of a fire, in a ski chalet, on a sheepskin. I know it sounds cheesy, but the sex was hot. I remember a lot of pumping and a HUGE climax that made me see stars.

394. Whit (please publish his name)

395. on a belay station on a climb

396. In the tent both nights of the Northeast Kingdom Music Festival, with just enough wondering if all the people around us could tell...

397. A guy I used to see in a long distance relationship came home wearing his iniform, he was a Federal Officer. It was a typical dk blue police officer style complete with gold badge. We played out a strip search scene where I was hiding illegal contraband.. it was hot when he made me strip and made me put my hands up against the wall while he fucked me from behind wearing his uniform. His badge digging into my back.. that was hot!

398. me and 2 guys treating me like a sex goddess

399. mu bf gave me a 1/2 hour erotic massaje then I was totally on

400. sex with girl friend with her in her school girl outfit

401. Tying my girlfriend to the table. Then, we switched. Afterwards, we had dinner.

402. my first time with my current partner

403. screwing in a hot tub for 45 minutes maybe more.

404. sex with females

405. in the hotel shower at Disney World

406. When we had just gotten out of the pool and were changing out of our wet bathing suits upstairs; we found ourselves both naked and just went at it while a bunch of his relatives were downstairs.

407. 69 on a hot day in the car on Lincoln road next to Bristol Falls where we were dripping with sweat.

408. Impulsively sleeping with a mostly-stranger because we were both crashing at a friend's house and there was only one couch. Not really a recipe for fantastic sex except for the fact that he had the balls to beat me up, which never happens, and that I got maybe an hour of sleep that night in between wrestling matches.

409. in jamaica with another couple

410. The first time the man-who-is-now-my-husband and I had sex. He's so HOT and so amazing in bed.

411. We were on the Greyhound Bus on our way to Burlington. I got up to go to the bathroom and my boyfriend followed me in there and locked the door as quickly as possible. I was excited and leaned over the sink to get what was coming. When we got out, there was this dude sitting there staring at us and he gave us a thumbs up and said "Nice one."

412. I was a 21 year old drug addict, she was a 16 year old goth/bondage queen - we fucked under a blue light listening to Fantomas. She enjoyed being choked and I got so consumed in the moment that I sort of greyed out in the middle of everything and choked her until she nearly passed out. We were both so turned on by that that things became much more intense. Ultimately she asked me to fuck her anally. It was the tightest fit I've ever encountered and after I cam e and we were lying on our backs catching our breath she moaned into my ear, "you're so sweet to me..." Hot. So hot.

413. the ones I don't remember

414. We were on a break!!! Primarily because he was taking me for granted....But, I went to a party I knew he was going to be at - dressed to kill - from the moment he saw me he was all over me! Of course I let him take me home and we had incredible sex. The next morning I told him I wasn't ready to get back together yet and asked him to leave. I let him squirm for about a week, then sent him a picture of us taken the night of the party and told him I wanted more of those kind of nights. And that's what I got!

415. fully clothed, on a flight from London to Boston, handsome Swedish guy at least 10 years my junior, chatting amiably, really clicked, then sitting quietly, outside of my left leg in contact with outside of his right leg, totally electric, gradual evolving of hand contact, very erotic, holding hands. Landed, my friend met me at baggage claim, never saw him again.

416. Passionately making out (etc) in the storm drains underneath Burlington

417. The very first time!

418. Watching my girlfriend's eyes bulge with surprise after receiving her fourth orgasm in row during one long, late night fuck session. The startled gasps that followed were music to my ears. Don't know why exactly everything clicked together perfectly on that night of all nights, but it was fun.

419. None, I'm still a virgin.

420. 3 sum

421. concurrent orgasm, partner in my ass, ejaculating on his face, follow-on snoball.

422. In a high school with my gal pal in a photography darkroom with the art teacher just outside and knowing she could possibly come in at any moment.

423. In the woods

424. Having sex on a little island with only birds and the sounds of waves

425. Disappointed with the Rolling Stones film "Shine a Light", feeling the cold tile of the last stall in the ladies room at the Roxy theatre, it was better than Scorsese

426. When we were teenager, we went to St. Joseph's Oratory on Mount Royal in Montreal and walked the stations of the cross. It was not crowded, so we snuck off and had sex about 10-15 feet off the trail. It was back in my teen years, so it was not my best performance, but still very memorable.

427. In high school, in the sand trap on a golf course, girls should always be on top in the sand...

428. About 10 years ago, I somehow managed to give my fella a BJ while travelling South on I-89. The catch? I was the one driving. I know cruise control was involved...

429. Downtown on the hood of the car

430. Getting a blow job in a bar from an ex-girlfriend from college.

431. Having sex on a hiking path in a national park

432. Ecstacy+Balcony overlooking the lake+Loud Music.

433. Girlfriend in a minivan in the parking lot of a home depot. Licking her all over and then going in behind her on the side. she was wearing shorts and a halter with no under garmets. We didnt know if someone would look in as the van was rocking. We really didnt care. She was a sexy MILF.

434. screwing a girlfriends' breasts and blowing a load on them while in a room with several other people sleeping

435. r.

436. My girlfriend at the time had just bought a new slip and was modeling it for me. She had said that she was only going to show it to me then but when she got near the bed I was sitting on I pulled her on top of me. She wasn't wearing any panties and she was so wet she was practically dripping on me. I was so hard that I slid inside her effortlessly and we made love until we both climaxed simultaneously.

437. 3 way sex MFM and a dp

438. in a state park, at the top of the mountain, at the top of the viewing tower with people below. the view was gorgeous that evening what can i say!

439. Having sex in a club with my partner, then being chucked out because we were caught and then having sex in a phone box on our way home, where we had really hot hot sex

440. Hmm.. It's a tight race between loosing my virginity in Disney World and the recent summer menage A trois flings with two college bound ladies. hmmm. I guess the threesome wins.. everyone has a virginity loosing story, but, not many people have stories involving wine, a joint, a Bi 19 yr old they are sleeping with and her straight, yet curious BFF... Thinking back.. what an epic erotic story that would be with all the details included.. no one would believe it, Jokes on them I guess.

441. A circle jerk with straight guys in college.

442. Oral in a parked car on a busy Montreal street as the bars got out and people walked past.

443. Fucking my friends girlfriend up against my car in the parking garage at work.

444. Giving oral sex to an old boyfriend in a baseball dug out, then going home and him giving me sex on a black, leather couch while I diddled myself...then him bending me over the couch

445. getting sucked off by a man

446. was... never finished, and never will be. Sometimes all you need is some long, hard, soft and inbetween kisses, a little bit of touching that you know shouldn't be happening... and a love, unobtainable but exciting.

447. unexpected ..out of no where

448. The first time I really connected with a man. We met online: he wanted to go camping, which happens to be my thing! We went to the woods and hiked out 6 miles to this beautiful spot. we sat around the fire together and had some steamy sex in the tent, followed by a good warm sleep in each others arms. We had breakfast in the morning, went our separate ways, and never ending up meeting again.

449. Having such a hot time that I woke up the next day and could barely walk!

450. Simple discreet encounter at a public swimming hole that boarders a public recreation trail. No one was swimming and the view is obscured from the path. The reduced weight in the cool water made everything more interesting.

451. Carrying the woman I was dating up stairs and having sex for the first time with her.

452. Sadly this awful time comes to mind when I was drunk and tried to have sex with a tampon in, without realizing it. My boyfriend was like; "uhh is that your tampon?" Memorable and humiliating, man I'm sexy.

453. Bathroom in Empire State Building with a Stranger, tore the hand towel dispenser off the wall

454. My boyfriend and I were in bed, having sex face-to-face with me sitting on his lap. Staying inside of me, he lowered me onto the bed and then reclined himself on some pillows. We could both see all of each other, and most of ourselves - especially where we came together! He lit up a cigarette and told me to touch myself while he watched. I loved the power dynamic of fucking myself on his dick while he watched - pretending to be disinterested but obviously getting worked up at the sight of me. Being able to see his dick slide in and out of me, while also watching him watch me, is an image I conjure up frequently to launch into orgasm!

455. on an island in a manmade lake in a suburban New Jersey gated community

456. Having sex while parking having headlights approach. Drove away naked for several miles escaping!!

457. A threesome with two guys who had basically played the role of my "sex educators" for the summer on our last night together.

458. When I was 15, my best girlfriend and I were having sex while our other (super christian, homophobic) friend looked on and masturbated. After a little while, she let me finger her as I gave oral to my other friend. It was the first time I ever had sex with a girl, but not the last time I had two at once.

459. I've had so many "this was the best ever," especially with my current lover, who's married (not to me) and therefore really appreciative of my enthusiasm and desire. So rather than choose something memorable in a good way, I'll offer up my most memorable in a bad way: a needle-dicked Irish guy with a hi

501. My partner on her stomach with her ass in full view. I licked her bottom all over, clit to ass, while fingering her ass. The feeling of her pushing her pussy into my face as she orgasmed made me crazy! Also, when my partner said for the first time, "I want you in my ass, now!"

502. My first m4m hookup. Restaurant bathroom, 16, led to sex at his house later that night.

503. The most memorable sexual experience, to me, means what memory I think of when I masturbate. There are so many that it is hard to name them all. The first time that I had sex doggy style and smelled the combined aroma of anus and vagina left a lasting impression. Another fond memory is being jerked off by a girl with two of her friends watching on the couch behind us, watching intently as she took the load on her face and then rubbed my dick on her cheeks. My ex-girlfriend who never said no and enjoyed her ass being licked and played with as I was behind her. The first girl who licked my balls and ass while giving oral sex and then having her insert her finger in my back door. My first sexual encounter was with a girl I dated 3 years and we would have sex 5 times a day. Developing a reputation in college where I would stay hard for hours and was uninhibited, this went a long way in experiencing many different partners...

504. Currently having sex with two women who both seem to be ok with it.

505. Oh gosh, it's hard to pick one, really.

506. Sex standing up, man to man, outside at night in winter on the town green, others around but not knowing, star filled sky, 1972.

507. When I got together with my frist girlfriend, she had been dating women for years; she really got off on showing me the ropes, and I was fascinated with my tutor. When we used a strap-on for the first time, I learned that she had never used one before either. Suddenly we were on the same page, learning together; seeing her let herself be vulnerable with me in bed for the first time was both incredibly sexy and strengthened our relationship in a way I'll never forget.

508. fucking in a parked car

509. losing my virginity in the bathroom of a bar in Germany at 17

510. on the beach, in my car, getting caught by the police, during a hurricane.

511. first time

512. with my beautiful girlfriend, after I hadn't seen her in months, against the wall in my kitchen.

513. getting it on with the guy sanding my floors. We both stripped down to hiking boots. We stood up, I braced my body up against the kitchen counter while he slid into me. I wrapped my legs around his legs for leverage and shifted my weight towards his waist while his hands held my ass. He cradled my butt while I pumped up and down on him, holding on to his neck. We were standing in the middle of the room having orgasms. totally hot!

514. Memorable bad: sex with a guy who was too "loose." It was like humping the grand canyon.

515. fucking ayeshah

516. My first date with my current girlfriend. We literally pulled an all-nighter. She is the prettiest and sexiest woman I have ever been with and it was a total turn on.

517. Sex after 4 days of not being with my Partner, It was raw, it was Emotional it was Rough but Gentle, I was turned on as was he. He wanted it and I wanted to give it to him, Sex with him those months were great But that Night we couldn't help but tear each other apart, it was one of many great nights!

518. Taking a long hike and getting a blowjob from my wife by a wonderful stream

519. The first time- it was with the right person and was at the right time.

520. My first foursome with my wife. The details will always remain between the for of us, but it was over-the-top amazing.

521. The wife and I came home late one night after being out with friends etc. I'm usually pretty turned on anyway but something had really turned her crank because we fucked at least three times between when our clothes hit the floor and when the sun came up. We did all manner of positions we normally don't - standing up against the wall, reverse cowgirl, 69... She even let me cum on her tits. What a night!

522. It was with my Ex after we had broken up. Things were going well and we were making sure we were still good friends, but she's still probably the most gorgeous girl I've met. We both were very high and I asked her, "would it be okay if we had sex?" and we just started making out in the middle of the road leading up to my old high school. Since we were both stoned out of our minds it took a while to figure out where and how, but a condom was found, as was a blanket, and we ended up having sex in every position on a field looking on to my old high school. It was pitch black and a little misty, we were trying to keep as quiet as possible, but we were just rocking-out at a public school. After we had finished I colapsed, looked at her, looked to my old school, and just said, "awesome".

523. Hmmm... Probably with my Ex Boyfriend's brother. I was the only time in all the sex having that i have had where i didn't have to orchestrate the entire thing. He knew what to do every time and I never had to say anything. He picked up on the slightest of movements and went with it.

524. having sex on the hood of a car with a previous gilfriend on the side of a back road. Just as we finished pulling our pants back up some one pulled up next to us. I have never been so scared and turned on at the same time!

525. the first time a guy made me come (age 23). I thought i was broken down there. I couldn't even figure it out.

526. A guy from Saskatchewan that I met at Nectars. Leah Randazzo played and it was the weekend of Jazz fest '06. We hit it off and danced all night long. He split his pants dancing, found some duct tape, and went right back to dancing! (He was totally free-balling too...). On the walk back to my place, he stopped and played guitar (awesomely!) with some guy on the street. We ended up making on out my couch and since he had a hole in the crotch of his jeans (making in nice and easy for me to fondle), I think the line was "well, your pants need to come off to make this fair". One thing led to another (yes, I am sparing details... I'm sitting at work typing this, after all), and after both of us getting turns at oral sex on the couch, we made it to the bedroom. Two rounds of AMAZING sex (he's large and definitely knows how to use it), amazing cuddling, a naked cigarette on the porch, then waking up to more teasing. Round 3 and 4, then a shower together! Too bad he had to go back to nowhere canada the next day...

527. meh

528. Big shag rug in front of a roaring fire at a ski lodge.

529. On the UVM campus green with a bottle of old granddad, and this lady, Dressed all in skirts.

530. A friend my wife and I had made on the Internet came to visit. There'd been flirting and cybersex before this but we weren't counting on the idea that face-to-face we'd want to do anything like that. But we did. We tied her down and tried things on her she'd never experienced, for hours, sometimes with various goodies from the toybox.

531. Kissing in the shower and then giving my partner oral and then them giving me oral on the bathroom floor.

532. Having sex at my Jewish grandmothers house in the bathroom.

533. sex on the floor of an old university classroom in the middle of the night with only the light from the moon and the hallway light coming from under the door. hot.

534. making out with my first ever tranny boy on New Years Eve 2008.

535. Having sex in the back of a car with a Navy SEAL at the Jericho Training Center

536. losing my virginity....on the 4th floor of my the common room at 3 am.

537. getting fucked in the ass for an hour straight and barely being able to walk home afterward from the soreness

538. sex while sitting on my boyfriend's dick after not having had sex for 3 weeks.

539. Hooking up with a real estate agent and fucking each other in one of the upstairs bedrooms of a house he was selling.

540. At my date's place of work, on a conference table.

541. All of them, but particularly the time I met with a man every night at a music festival while around a GIANT drum circle, we danced, we laughed, we never exchanged names, and we had three steamy nights of hot wild lovin', post drum circle until dawn, those nights were amazing!!!

542. Having such great sex that it broke the bed frame but it didn't even affect us and we continued to go at it.....the bed frame still hasn't been replaced out of fear, or hope, that it will happen again.

543. Having sex and being naked all day long with the most incredible lover I've ever had, with only a break to get chinese food.

544. Behind the parking garage downtown Burlington

545. At a bathhouse with a black man who had a huge penis and fucked like a rabbit.

546. the first time i had sex with a woman in the living room at my college. she was a visiting folk singer and told me all about her past pain.. it was sweet and loving and hot

547. The first girl I ever had sex with was a bit of a mistake, through and through. She'd at one point been dating my older brother's best friend. Before we got together, she'd put me under the impression that they'd broken up months prior...which turned out to be a lie. It actually turned out that pretty much everything she said was a lie. I lost my temper when I found out; and knowing full well that she would deny any sexual relationship with me to keep the relationship with my brother's friend going, I decided to sleep with her again...with a hidden camera in my room. She of course denied our relationship, so I showed a few people the video. The plan worked in some respects, but backfired horribly in that my brother's friend never spoke to him or me ever again. Considering the ordeal that led up to it and the ordeal that followed -- that will probably always be my most memorable sexual experience.

548. A three-way with my boyfriend and my hubby both together.

549. It's a little too memorable to share.

550. When a former partner was on top riding me, biting her lower lip while digging her nails into my chest. Staring at eachother, I start squeezing her ass harder and harder and in return she digs her nails deeper and deeper into my chest. She starts pulling at my hair as her hips bare down onto mine. As I buck, she moans. With one hand back on my chest she winds up and slaps me across the face. I'm shocked, and inside of her I feel my penis grow and harden as if it caught a second wind or just ate a can of spinach. "Hit me again" I say, and she does, even harder. A couple more slaps accompanied by dirty talk brought us both to climax at the same time. After that time we both explored slapping eachother, taking turns or just having a free-for-all, but we did always maintain boundaries and I insisted that she always slap harder.

551. having sex for the first time with my now wife.

552. My first FMF threesome. It was with two good friends of mine whom I still talk to years after it happened. Both of them were smoking hot and we went for hours.

553. i dont know a lot

554. Eating my then girlfriend (now wife of nearly 20 years) out for the first time. It was in a tent at her parents house - we were 16, and it rocked.

555. Picking up a strange girl at a bar after talking to her for 5 minutes, inviting her back to my place and then fucking her in every possible position with the lights on and the window wide open at sidewalk level....she masturbated herself to orgasm as I blew my load on her face....she was screaming my name the entire time....I never figured out what hers was.

556. I don't have enough time to type it.

557. when i finally learned to masturbate. it was after i lost my virginity and i realized that i need penetration to come. i was nervous, home alone, and used a toothbrush travel case.

558. getting it on with a coworker at work. too much sexual tension combined with a fun friendship led to our first kiss, first oral, first orgasm together now we are a beautiful sexual couple with passion

559. Performing oral sex on my wife and another man while she rode him reverse cowgirl.

560. Having sex on the beach in the US Virgin Islands (ironic, I know) under the most amazing stars with the water lapping at our feet... then again that same night in the public bathroom at our campsite. Then again on the picnic table at our campsite, and again... well, you get the idea.

561. in a park on a bench

562. Was the first time I realize that my best friend who is a female was hot for me. It was the best sex ever. Like we know how to touch each other

563. The first night I met my amazingly sexy fiancee. We were putting on a movie in his freezing cold bedroom, I got under the comforter, he got the Chicken Little DVD playing, then tried to get under the comforter, too. Not so fast. I asked him, "who gets under the covers with pants on?!" He took his pants on, his member popped out ;]... we started making out and the next thing you know...

564. in a camper trailer in the mountains outside yellowstone looking at the full moon

565. Doing it on the stairs of my house with an ex while my roommates were asleep at the top of the stairs.

566. Sex behind a church, at 3am.

567. DEETJEN'S BIG SUR INN. bed, floor, chair, upside down.

568. Hot tub that we were sharing with two unknown couples--three keys, and they could enter at any time. Didn't happen, though!

569. on a public picknic table at 10:30 am

570. I'm a fucking virgin

571. Stoned, high as a kite four or five times with my last girlfriend. We had just started dating and it was a dirty, filthy awesome time.

572. probably hooking up with my chaperon on my sr. year class trip. i was in high school he was 11 yrs older.

573. breaking my then bf's toe when the soap dish came crashing out of the wall

574. Having sex in an Old Navy dressing room.

575. in close quarters near many sleeping people

576. at the Chelsea Hotel!

577. outside, on top of a man, on top of a mountain, during the day, yum

578. The first time I really enjoyed anal. I'm not quite sure what he did but it was the best most intense orgasm I've ever had.

579. Cowboy camping on Harmon Hill, shared wine out of a gatorade bottle, amazing stars overhead, woke up in each others' arms, smelling like cigarettes and woodsmoke. He was hiking south, I north.

580. receiving oral sex while on the hood of my car in my boyfriend's driveway.

581. wouldn't you like to know

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