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Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Seven Days Wins 18 First-Place Awards in Regional Media Competition

Posted on Tue, Apr 9, 2024 at 3:15 PM

Seven Days won 18 first-place awards at the annual New England Newspaper & Press Association convention March 22-23 in Waltham, Mass. The awards presentation honored work published by the region’s daily and weekly newspapers, online news sites and specialty publications between August 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023.

Read on for a list of our first-place finishers. In most cases, Seven Days competed against other large-circulation weeklies; the exceptions have been noted below. We’re very grateful to NENPA for the recognition — and to the advertisers and Super Readers who support our work!

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1st Place Awards

* 1st place across all NENPA members

Best niche publication
Overall design and presentation of a special section
All the Best: The Locals’ Guide to Vermont, 2022

Business/economic reporting
Ken Picard, “Working on the Railroad: How Family-Owned Vermont Rail System Became the Little Economic Engine That Could”

Combating misinformation and restoring trust*
Paula Routly and Cathy Resmer, “From the Publisher” and “From the Deputy Publisher” columns

Entertainment video*
Eva Sollberger, “Stuck in Vermont: Peter Harrigan Collected 600 Barbie Dolls in 30 Years, With Support From His Husband, Stan Baker, Who Collects Ken Dolls” Environmental reporting
Kevin McCallum, “Lake Advocates Say Vermont Has Botched Regulating Pollution on Dairy Farms”

Feature video
Eva Sollberger, “Stuck in Vermont: Meet Earl & Jackson Ransom and Amy Huyffer of Strafford Organic Creamery at Rockbottom Farm”
Health reporting
Colin Flanders, “Vermont’s Relapse: Efforts to Address Opioid Addiction Were Starting to Work. Then Potent New Street Drugs Arrived.”

History reporting
Steve Goldstein, “Decades After He Was Killed in World War II, a Hinesburg Soldier Is Restored to His Family”

Human interest feature
Seven Days staff, “On the Road: What Route 100 Says About Vermont”

Local personality profile
Chelsea Edgar, “The Conversation Artist: Podcaster Erica Heilman Seeks the Meaning of Life, One Interview at a Time”

News video
Eva Sollberger, “Stuck in Vermont: Catastrophic Flooding in Vermont”
Colin Flanders, “End of an Era: Peter Miller, Who Photographed Vermont’s ‘Simple People Living Simple Lives,’ Dies at 89”

Overall design and presentation of a print newspaper
Seven Days staff, “The Quebéc Issue” and “‘Historic and Catastrophic’”

Photo series*
Spot news story

Seven Days staff, “‘Historic and Catastrophic’: Unrelenting Rain Swamped Vermont’s Cities, Towns and Hamlets. The Recovery Is Just Beginning.”

Sports feature story
Steve Goldstein, “Woman Wonder: The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame Recognizes Stowe Adventurer Jan Reynolds”

Sports story
Ken Picard, “True Grit: Gravel Biking in Vermont Is Gaining Traction and Building Community”

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Seven Days Places Among Top Winners at the 2023 AAN Awards

Posted By on Wed, Aug 16, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Associate publishers Don Eggert and Colby Roberts accepted the awards on behalf of the winners - ELLEN MEANY
  • Ellen Meany
  • Associate publishers Don Eggert and Colby Roberts accepted the awards on behalf of the winners
Seven Days took home four first-place awards at the July Association of Alternative Newsmedia convention in Dallas, tying for the most wins with the Chicago Reader and the Willamette Week of Portland, Ore. We’re proud and grateful. Thanks, AAN! And thanks to our readers and advertisers for making our local journalism possible.

1st Place Winners

Cover Design
Diane Sullivan, Rick Veitch, Luke Awtry, Harry Bliss

  • Designer: Rev. Diane Sullivan. Artists: Rick Veitch, Luke Awtry, Harry Bliss. ©️ Seven Days
  • Covers from the entry

Judge’s comment: “From the standpoint of what a cover should do (engage readers, draw attention, highlight key content, be consistent across issues while providing different material), this [entry] has it all. The talents of so many artists, photographers, designers and writers are on display here, a symphony of delight that compelled readers to look inside.”

Right-Wing Extremism Coverage

“Capitol Offense: Nicholas Languerand’s Quest for ‘Belonging’ Led Him to QAnon, the Insurrection — and Now Prison” by Derek Brouwer and Colin Flanders

Judge’s comment: “Far more than a highly nuanced and deeply reported profile (which it is), “Capitol Offense” also deftly captures the many shades of gray that make the events of January 6 so hard to reconcile across the political spectrum, not only for those on the ideological fringes but at many points in between. The result is one of the best examples of journalists capturing a confusing, contradictory, and often inscrutable period of our nation’s history and reflecting it back to the reader with something that is all too rare these days — clarity and a measured degree of compassion that allows us to better understand Nicholas Languerand, and others like him, without needing to agree with him. Derek Brouwer and Colin Flanders display mastery of their subject and an economy of language that lends this piece a quiet confidence that easily places it at the top of its category. Outstanding work by all involved.”

Feature Story
“Flower Powerhouse: Melinda Moulton Has Blended Business Savvy and a Hippie Ethos to Transform Burlington” by Ken Picard

Judge’s comment: “A beautifully written and thoroughly reported story that held my interest from beginning to end. Not only did it capture how one woman transformed a town, but it showed you her heart and soul, too.”
“How Not to Get Stuck in the Mud in East Barnard with John Leavitt and The Crier” a “Stuck in Vermont” video by Eva Sollberger
Judge’s comment: “Excellent piece. The storytelling, photography and editing make this story suitable for a PBS special … The squishy mud photography makes me feel like I was right there with you.”

2nd Place Winners

Editorial Layout
“On the Road: What Route 100 Says About Vermont” by Diane Sullivan

Explanatory Journalism
“Locked Out: Vermont’s Housing Crisis” by Matthew Roy, Anne Wallace Allen, Derek Brouwer, Rachel Hellman, Courtney Lamdin, Colin Flanders, Chelsea Edgar, Kevin McCallum

Election Coverage
“Becca Balint’s Campaign for U.S. House” by Sasha Goldstein

“Life Stories by Sally Pollak” by Sally Pollak

Tim Newcomb

3rd Place Winners

Explanatory Journalism
“Working on the Railroad: How Family-Owned Vermont Rail System Became the Little Economic Engine That Could” by Ken Picard

Election Coverage
“In the August 9 Primary, Democratic Candidates Compete for the Jackpot: Vermont’s Lone U.S. House Seat” by Chelsea Edgar

Health Care Reporting
“A Vermont Drug Company’s Failure to Maintain Standards Led to Recalls — and Its Demise” by Colin Flanders

Special Section
“All the Best: Seven Daysies 2022” by Seven Days staff

Food Writing
Jordan Barry

“Seven Days Aloud: Capitol Offense: Nicholas Languerand’s Quest for ‘Belonging’ Led Him to QAnon, the Insurrection — and Now Prison” by Derek Brouwer, Colin Flanders, Jeff Baron

Arts Feature
“The Next Stage: After Four Years of Turmoil and Transition, the Flynn Enters a New Era” by Dan Bolles

Beat Reporting
Alison Novak

Honorable Mention

LGBTQ+ Coverage
“Women’s Rights Advocate Peggy Luhrs Leaves Behind a Complicated Legacy” by Chelsea Edgar

“All the Best” by Jeff Drew

“Seven Days Aloud: With ‘GUMBO,’ Rapper and DJ Fattie B Unites a Scene and Makes the Record of His Life” by Chris Farnsworth, Jeff Baron

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Seven Days Wins 20 First-Place Awards in Regional Media Competition

Posted By on Wed, May 10, 2023 at 10:05 AM

Seven Days won 20 first-place awards — more than any other media outlet — at the New England Newspaper & Press Association (NENPA) convention in Waltham, Mass., last weekend competing against other large-circulation weeklies. We're honored by this recognition. Thanks to our talented staff — and to the Super Readers, sponsors and advertisers who fund our work!

1st Place Awards

March 2, 2022 cover - RICK VEITCH | REV. DIANE SULLIVAN
  • Rick Veitch | Rev. Diane Sullivan
  • March 2, 2022 cover
Arts and Entertainment Reporting
Chris Farnsworth, "Origin Story: How Burlington's Earth Prime Comics Helped Unite Vermont's Comics Lovers"

Business/Economic Reporting
Derek Brouwer & Sasha Goldstein, "Betting Big on Weed: Hopeful Vermont Cannabis Players See Green in the Coming Retail Market"

Combatting Misinformation and Restoring Trust
Paula Routly, "From the Publisher"

Education Reporting
Alison Novak, "Local Commotion: National Divisions on Race and Equity Are Roiling Vermont School Boards"

Entertainment Video
Eva Sollberger, Stuck in Vermont: Huntington Road Foreman Clinton "Yogi" Alger Gets Two Namesake Snowplows
Environmental Reporting
Kevin McCallum, "Wildlife Wars: Animal Defenders Struggle to Change Hunting and Trapping Traditions in Vermont"

Event Special Section
Emily Hamilton, "The Magnificent 14"

Food Page or Section
Melissa Pasanen, Jordan Barry and Maggie Reynolds, June 2022

March 9, 2022 cover - DIANA BOLTON | REV. DIANE SULLIVAN
  • Diana Bolton | Rev. Diane Sullivan
  • March 9, 2022 cover
General News Story – Two First-Place Wins!
Government Reporting
Anne Wallace Allen, "Democracy How? The Pandemic Has Weakened — but Not Killed — Vermont’s Grand Town Meeting Day Tradition"

Health Reporting
Colin Flanders & Chelsea Edgar, "The Doctor Won’t See You Now: Patients Wait Months for Treatment at Vermont’s Biggest Hospital"

Local Election Coverage
Sasha Goldstein & Chelsea Edgar, the race for Vermont's solo seat in the U.S. House of Representatives

Personality Profile
Ken Picard, "A Precipitous Drop: The Firing of Skiing Legend John Egan Leaves Many Die-Hard Downhillers Soured on Sugarbush"

click image August 2021 cover of Staytripper - EMIR HOROZOVIC | REV. DIANE SULLIVAN
  • Emir Horozovic | Rev. Diane Sullivan
  • August 2021 cover of Staytripper
Overall Design Presentation
Kirsten Thompson & Carolyn Fox, Staytripper

Sports Feature – Two First Place Wins!
Feature Video
Eva Sollberger, "Stuck in Vermont: Juniper Creative Arts Paint Community Murals with Students in the NEK"

Sports Video
Eva Sollberger, "Stuck in Vermont: South Burlington Bus Driver Steve Rexford Is Part of the Team"

Photo Story
James Buck, "‘We’re Nobodies’: Residents Describe Life at Burlington’s Notorious Homeless Encampment"

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Find a Job, Make Connections and Learn About Local Innovation at the Vermont Tech Jam

Posted By on Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 5:08 PM

Tech Jam 2021 at Hula - JAMES BUCK ©️ SEVEN DAYS
  • James Buck ©️ Seven Days
  • Tech Jam 2021 at Hula
Vermont has a national reputation for its snow sports and craft beer. But the state is also home to numerous innovative tech companies that make everything from underwater robots to battery-powered aircraft. And they’re hiring.

You can interact with dozens of these companies at the next Vermont Tech Jam, an annual career and tech expo on Saturday, October 22. Organized since 2008 by the newsweekly Seven Days, with help from the Vermont Technology Alliance, the Jam showcases some of Vermont’s most inventive enterprises at Hula, a coworking campus on the Burlington waterfront.

This year’s free event, presented by Marvell and Hula, starts with a one-of-a-kind job fair, where job seekers, college students, career changers and other professionals can mingle and talk tech. Vermont colleges and technical programs will also be exhibiting at the event. And the Jam includes a daylong robotics demo zone where members of Vermont’s FIRST robotics community display their creations and explain this unique opportunity to help cultivate the next generation of Vermont innovators.

The career fair, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., is followed by a 4 p.m. keynote presentation from Boston Scientific cofounder John Abele and Sarah Kalil, CEO of the promising Vermont-based bioscience company CoreMap.

  • courtesy
Abele, a Shelburne resident, helped build Boston Scientific into a company worth billions. Now he’s investing in up-and-coming new technologies, and mentoring entrepreneurs like Kalil. CoreMap is based on years of groundbreaking medical research on atrial fibrillation led by University of Vermont Medical Center’s Dr. Peter Spector; Kalil, a native Vermonter, is helping bring his innovations to market. Their company recently secured $23 million in financing.

The Vermont Tech Jam is sponsored by an array of Vermont companies and organizations committed to supporting the local tech ecosystem: Hula, Marvell, Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman, Vermont Information Processing, Vermont Tech Council, Mascoma, Data Innovations, Norwich University, Health Plans Inc., the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Vermont Technology Alliance, WCAX and Vermont Biz.

For more information, a complete schedule and a list of exhibitors, visit

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Seven Days Wins 6 First-Place Awards in National Media Competition

Posted By on Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 9:23 AM

Don Eggert, Cathy Resmer and Colby Roberts accepted the awards on behalf of Seven Days staff and freelancers - BLAIR BARNA
  • Blair Barna
  • Don Eggert, Cathy Resmer and Colby Roberts accepted the awards on behalf of Seven Days staff and freelancers
Seven Days, Vermont’s free, independent newsweekly, won six first-place awards at the annual Association of Alternative Newsmedia conference last week at the Medill School of Journalism in downtown Chicago

The AAN Awards recognize work that is "well-written, incisively reported and effectively challenges established orthodoxies."AAN member publications vary in size and circulation, and are based in cities across the continent; the awards contest gives these publications the opportunity to compete against their peers.

1st Place Awards

Melissa Pasanen
From the judges: “Writing that reflects the local food scene beyond its dining rooms.”

LGBT Coverage
Chelsea Edgar, "Vermont Has Endangered Transgender Prisoners. Change Is Coming — but Is It Enough?"
From the judges: “Strong reporting on a topic that gets too little attention.”

Eva Sollberger, "A new Era for the House of LeMay"
From the judges: “This was excellent storytelling; it actually reminded me of something I’d see on CBS Sunday Morning.”
James Buck, "We’re Nobodies’: Residents Describe Life at Burlington’s Notorious Homeless Encampment"
From the judges: “Powerful photojournalism that tells an important story, humanely, with dignity for photo subjects.”
  • James Buck ©️ Seven Days
Tim Newcomb
From the Judges:“One entry nudges boundaries for liberal audience. Not always preaching to choir. Nice move.”
  • Tim Newcomb

2nd Place Awards

Nonprofit Collaboration
Derek Brouwer, Liam Elder-Connors, "Roaches and Broken Locks: Mark and Rick Bove’s Growing Empire of Affordable Rentals Vexes Code Enforcers"
From the judges: “Evidence of how newsrooms can be competitive and still work together on the big stuff that matters to the people they serve.”

Beat Reporting
Colin Flanders
From the judges: “Strong writing and great breadth of health issues covered”

Health Care Reporting
Colin Flanders, Chelsea Edgar, "The Doctor Won’t See You Now: Patients Wait Months for Treatment at Vermont’s Biggest Hospital"
From the judges: “This is important reporting on how the system is broken even under normal circumstances. Seven Days brings out excellent reporting to help make change.”

News Story - Long Form
Chelsea Edgar, "Vermont Publishing House Chelsea Green Is Peddling Coronavirus Misinformation"
From the judges: “In less capable hands, the article would have been filled with cheap shots. But the author knows that deep reporting is the best way to pursue truth.”


Sean Metcalf
From the judges: “An illustration in this context should provide additional meaning to the story. Does it…? The answer here is emphatically YES.”

Arts Feature
Dan Bolles, "The Producer | Joshua Sherman spearheads an arts-led revitalization in Norman Rockwell’s Arlington"
From the judges: “Compelling human interest story that connects current development with its place in history.”

3rd Place Awards

Arts Criticism
Margot Harrison
From the judges: “A book reviewer to follow.”

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Win a Free Trip to Washington, D.C. by Taking the Good Citizen Challenge This Summer

Posted By on Wed, May 18, 2022 at 3:30 PM

  • Roy Frederic Heinrich, Courtesy of the Library of Congress, LC-DIG-DS-04089
  • Globe-maker James Wilson
Looking for some educational family fun this summer — and a chance to win a free trip to Washington, D.C.? Help the kids in your life take the Good Citizen Challenge, an interactive, nonpartisan civics activity. It recognizes and rewards participants for learning about their communities, keeping up with local news and taking action to help others.

Organized by Seven Days and its parenting publication Kids VT — with help from the Vermont Historical Society and the Vermont Community Foundation — the nonpartisan Good Citizen Challenge is open to all K-12 students.

This summer’s Challenge is timed to coincide with an exhibit at the Vermont History Museum, opening July 3, that explores the life and work of the first commercial globe-maker in the Americas, James Wilson of Bradford; he made his first globe in 1810. Wilson’s globes helped people in the U.S. understand more about the world and their place in it.

This summer’s Good Citizen Challenge includes 25 activities, such as:

  • Visiting the Vermont History Museum (participants and their families get in free)
  • Reading an issue of a local community newspaper
  • Searching for the deed for a property
  • Writing a poem or making a piece of art about Vermont’s state motto: Freedom and Unity
  • Listening to a podcast from Vermont Public Radio
  • Using Front Porch Forum to organize a donation drive for a charity
  • Having a respectful conversation with someone who has opposing views
click image goodcitizen-logo-2020-vert.png
Participants must complete at least five activities in a row on the bingo-like Challenge scorecard, then upload a photo of the completed scorecard, along with contact information and evidence of their work, to All who finish five activities in a row will receive a Good Citizen sticker and patch, a pocket constitution donated by Phoenix Books, and an invitation to a VIP reception at the Vermont State House in Montpelier this fall. They will also be entered into a drawing for an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. from Milne Travel, a new globe, a gift card to Phoenix Books and other prizes. There is no cost to enter.
A Challenge scorecard can be found in the Summer issue of Kids VT, which is inserted into the May 18 issue of Seven Days; Kids VT is available all season long at drop off locations in Northwestern Vermont. Participants can also download the scorecard at, or pick one up at the Vermont History Museum. The deadline to enter is Labor Day, September 5.

Seven Days and Kids VT organized the first Good Citizen Challenge in 2018 to raise awareness of civics education and help bridge the partisan divide; the most recent Challenge took place during the 2020-2021 school year. More than 400 K-12 students from 43 Vermont towns participated.

“We know from surveying past participants that kids who complete the Good Citizen Challenge learn new things about Vermont history, feel more connected to their communities and are more aware of local news,” said Good Citizen Challenge creator Cathy Resmer, deputy publisher of Seven Days and editor of Kids VT. “Helping your kids take the Good Citizen Challenge is a great way to prompt conversations about what it means to be an informed and responsible citizen. And it gives parents and camp directors ideas for fun day trips or rainy day projects.”

Partners in this summer’s Good Citizen Challenge also include VPR and Vermont PBS, Front Porch Forum and the Vermont State House. Phoenix Books is donating pocket-sized U.S. constitutions as well as gift cards to be used for prizes.

“We’re excited to partner with Seven Days and Kids VT on this Good Citizen challenge to get everyone out and exploring our wonderful state,” said Amanda Kay Gustin, director of collections and access for the Vermont Historical Society. “Learning history is crucial to understanding the world around you, and we hope to see many participants at the Vermont History Museum this summer.”
Said Scott Finn, CEO of VPR and Vermont PBS: "We're thrilled to partner with Seven Days on this initiative, which makes civics fun and real for young people. It strengthens Democracy, in the same way our reporting does."

“Front Porch Forum is delighted to support the Good Citizen Challenge again in 2022,” said Front Porch Forum’s cofounder and CEO, Michael Wood-Lewis. “Helping neighbors connect and build community is more important than ever. The Challenge is a great way to learn about the world, connect with others — and make Vermont a little better along the way. Thank you, Seven Days!”

Find more information and a Challenge scorecard at

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Seven Days Wins 23 First-Place Awards, Including General Excellence, in Regional Media Competition

Posted By on Wed, May 4, 2022 at 11:27 AM

Seven Days won 23 first-place awards — our best showing ever — at the New England Newspaper & Press Association (NENPA) convention in Boston last weekend — including General Excellence and Reporter of the Year.

Nearly 2,000 entries were submitted and evaluated by New England Newspaper & Press Association’s distinguished panel of judges. Seven Days competed against dozens of other newsweeklies around the region in the large-circulation weekly category.

1st Place Awards

Reporter of the Year
Chelsea Edgar

General Excellence
Seven Days

Best Coverage of Coronavirus
Best Human Interest Feature Story

Chelsea Edgar, "Mother Load: A Year in the Life of Three Single Moms in Vermont"

  • Brian Jenkins / Diane Sullivan
Science/Technology Reporting
Derek Brouwer, "Flight Path: BTV's Beta Technologies Is on the Cusp of a Breakthrough for Electric Aviation"
From the judges:  "Top shelf reporting on an emerging Vermont startup Beta Technologies. Well written and thorough reporting."

Climate Change or Weather Reporting
Kevin McCallum & Ken Picard, "Trickle to Torrent: The Climate Crisis Brings Both Deluges and Droughts to Vermont"
From the judges: "McCallum and Picard’s reporting on the aging water systems and potential for indoor farming is top notch."

Coverage of Protests and Rallies
Chelsea Edgar, "'Torn Apart': Fault Lines Over Trump, Racism and Justice Divide the Town of Johnson"
From the judges: "This entry excels by bringing in a multitude of voices and perspectives that reveal the many nuances of the community's divide. Well-crafted, empathetic and even-handed writing."

Crime and Courts Reporting
Colin Flanders, "Case Dismissed? Questions Persist About Police Investigation Into Ralph Jean-Marie's Disappearance"
From the judges: "This story exemplifies the importance of accountability journalism. The journalist moves beyond the official story from police to point to unexplored paths — and then delivers the evidence-driven story in a way that cannot be ignored."

Education Reporting
Alison Novak & Courtney Lamdin, PCBs at Burlington High School
From the judges: "While the subject matter can be technical, the writers took great pains to make the information clear and understandable. An impressive effort on a huge community story."

Environmental Reporting
Kevin McCallum, "Beekeepers Worry Pesticide-Treated Seeds Contribute to Hive Deaths"

Environmental Reporting
Margaret Grayson, "The Vermont Wild Bee Survey Finds and Identifies Hundreds of Species"
From the judges: "The stories feature solid reporting on a vitally important issue that threatens the food chain — as well as steps that officials are considering in order to deal with the issue."

Food Page or Section
Jordan Barry, Melissa Pasanen & Sally Pollak, Food + Drink section, March 3, 2021
From the judges: "This is local food journalism at its best: Timely, inclusive and compelling."

Government Reporting
Courtney Lamdin, Colin Flanders & Sasha Goldstein, "Dodson Plagiarized Portions of Report on Burlington Police Transformation"
From the judges: "Seven Days delivers a textbook example of excellent enterprise reporting, uncovering plagiarized passages of a "blue ribbon" report on police reform. This story should hang in every newsroom as an example of what municipal reporters can (and should) do."

Investigative /Enterprise Reporting
Derek Brouwer, "Investors With Questionable Records Want to Buy Five Vermont Nursing Homes. Will the State Let Them?"

Local Election Coverage
Courtney Lamdin, Burlington's Mayoral Race

Colin Flanders, "COVID-19 Claims a Hardwick Couple Married for Nearly 68 Years"

Arts & Entertainment Reporting
Dan Bolles, "Banjo Great Gordon Stone Celebrated With Posthumous Album"
From the judges: "A good feature can lead the reader to learn something, to become more appreciative of a subject or genre — and in rare occasions open a door to a whole new level of appreciation of a particular art form or subject they never knew, understood, or heard of before. This writer accomplishes all three in this informative, easy reading tribute that probably helped expose the subject to new audiences in his own home state and neighborhood."

Reporting on Religious Issues
Chelsea Edgar, "In Enforcing Pandemic Precautions, Vermont Treads Lightly in Houses of Worship"

Entertainment Video
Eva Sollberger, "Winter Dipping With Katharine Montstream and the Red Hot Chilly Dippers"
From the judges: "Beautifully shot and captures the intensity of this community of dippers."
Feature Video
Eva Sollberger, "Founders Hall on Saint Michael's Campus Is Selectively Dismantled"

News Video
Eva Sollberger, "Stuck in Vermont: The Tran Family Patriarch Gets Vaccinated"

Sports Video
Eva Sollberger, "Stuck in Vermont: 'American Ninja Warrior' Amir Malik Trains in Essex"

Headline Writing
Seven Days staff

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Monday, October 18, 2021

United Therapeutics CEO Martine Rothblatt and Beta Technologies Founder/CEO Kyle Clark to Speak In Person at Vermont Tech Jam

Posted By on Mon, Oct 18, 2021 at 8:30 PM

Martine Rothblatt and Kyle Clark - ©ANDRE CHUNG (ROTHBLATT)
  • ©Andre Chung (Rothblatt)
  • Martine Rothblatt and Kyle Clark

Vermont startup Beta Technologies has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to fund its drive to pioneer electric aviation. On Saturday, October 23, Beta founder and CEO Kyle Clark and its first customer, Martine Rothblatt, CEO of United Therapeutics, will speak in person during a special keynote presentation at the end of the 2021 Vermont Tech Jam.

About Beta and Kyle Clark

Based at Burlington International Airport, Beta Technologies is trying to do something that’s never been done before: manufacture a fleet of battery-powered aircraft capable of transporting people and cargo, and design the battery-charging infrastructure to support it.

Hundreds of companies around the world are racing to build battery-powered planes; air travel is a significant source of the greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. Beta is one of the leaders of the pack. It has already received orders for planes from customers including United Parcel Service, aka UPS.

Vermont native Kyle Clark founded Beta in 2017. He’s a pilot, engineer and former hockey pro who had a vision for an electric aircraft that could take off and land like a helicopter, then fly like a fixed-wing plane. One of the company’s other competitive advantages? Martine Rothblatt, Beta’s first customer, who now serves as one of the company’s directors.

About Martine Rothblatt

Rothblatt has been blazing trails for decades. A regulatory attorney, she cofounded Sirius Satellite Radio and helped develop the technology that made it possible. In 2013, she was the highest-paid female CEO in the U.S., earning $38 million. She’s also a pioneer in the field of digitizing human consciousness. The ambassador for her efforts in that realm, Vermont-based Terasem Movement Foundation, is a robot, Bina48, created using the downloaded memories of her wife, Bina.

In the 1990s, one of the couple’s daughters was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension, a fatal disease. In an effort to save her daughter’s life, Rothblatt researched possible treatments and started a biotech firm, United Therapeutics, to pursue them. Today the company sells five FDA-approved medicines that treat the disease; her daughter now works for the company.

Still, the only cure for the disease is a lung transplant, and there’s a severe shortage of available organs. So United Therapeutics plans to manufacture them. To deliver the organs to recipients in time, the company needs a special kind of aircraft. That’s where Beta comes in.

A July 31 Bloomberg Businessweek article about Rothblatt and her quest outlines the challenges and Martine’s extraordinary background as a lawyer and a trans woman who came out in her forties. The story quotes Liana Moussatos, an analyst at an investment firm, who’s been tracking Rothblatt’s work. “Martine is a different kind of person in general,” said Moussatos. “Once she has her mind set on something, she’s going to figure it out.”

In a special keynote presentation, Seven Days writer Chelsea Edgar will moderate an in-person conversation between Clark and Rothblatt about how they met, what led them to work together, and how their unique partnership has the potential to change Vermont — and the world.

More than 40 local employers will be hiring at the Tech Jam, which takes place at Hula, a lakeside tech campus in Burlington. The job fair portion of the event runs from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., and 1:30-3:30 p.m. Beta Technologies will also be hiring at the event. Tech Jam attendees can try its MobileDome flight simulator, which will be parked outside Hula.

The presentation begins at 4 p.m., and requires a ticket for Session #2 of the Tech Jam, $10 in advance, $15 on the day of the event. A reception will follow with light hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. Register for the event, and find more information, including a list of Tech Jam exhibitors, at

Masks will be required indoors at the Tech Jam in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Local Employers Recruit and Reconnect — in Person — at the 2021 Vermont Tech Jam

Posted By on Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 10:55 AM

  • Courtesy
Find a great job, meet collaborators and be inspired at the 2021 Vermont Tech Jam. This annual career and tech expo, powered by Seven Days newspaper, is back — in person, and in Burlington — on Saturday, October 23, at the new Hula lakeside tech campus.

Dozens of local startups and technology companies will be exhibiting and hiring, including:

The Tech Jam takes place at Hula, a former oven factory that has been renovated into a net-zero office and coworking facility powered by 100 percent renewable energy. Hula is also a sponsor of the event, along with Mascoma Bank, Coldwell Banker & Hickok and Boardman, Norwich University and the Vermont Technology Council.
Martine Rothblatt and Kyle Clark - © ANDRE CHUNG / COURTESY OF BETA
  • © Andre Chung / Courtesy of BETA
  • Martine Rothblatt and Kyle Clark
This year’s event is divided into two sessions. Admission is free for the first session, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. A ticket for session two, from 1:30 to 6 p.m., costs $10 and includes the keynote presentation: an interview with BETA CEO Kyle Clark and BETA adviser and client Martine Rothblatt, entrepreneur, futurist and CEO of United Therapeutics. The pair will discuss how their partnership evolved, and how it’s transforming the field of electric aviation.  (Note: Rothblatt was previously scheduled to appear virtually, but will now be presenting in person.)

Tech Jam organizers are encouraging attendees to be vaccinated and will be following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention masking guidelines for indoor events. For more information, tickets and registration, visit

Friday, April 23, 2021

Seven Days Wins 25 Awards in Regional Media Competition

Posted By on Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 5:12 PM

click image Photo of Riverbank Church, featured in the story, "Good News? Evangelicals Are 'Planting' Dozens of Churches in Vermont's Rocky Soil" - COURTESY OF CHRIS GOEPPNER
  • Photo of Riverbank Church, featured in the story, "Good News? Evangelicals Are 'Planting' Dozens of Churches in Vermont's Rocky Soil"
Seven Days, Vermont’s free, independent newsweekly, won nine first-place awards in this year’s New England Better Newspaper Competition — including top honors in investigative, history, social issue and religious issue reporting. The paper also won nine second-place and seven third-place awards — 25 total.

The contest is organized by the New England Newspaper & Press Association; winners were announced at NENPA’s annual convention — held virtually this year — on April 8. This competition is the largest and most comprehensive journalism recognition program in New England.

Seven Days’ first-place awards included:

  • Investigative Reporting: “Guarded Secrets: Claims of Sexual Misconduct, Drug Use Plague a Vermont Prison for Women” by Paul Heintz
  • Arts and Entertainment Reporting: “Public Libraries Adapt to the 21st Century … and Uphold Democracy” by Seven Days staff
  • History Reporting: “Refugee Who Survived the 'Voyage of the Damned' Says 'People Haven't Learned Anything'” by Colin Flanders
  • Excellence in Newsroom Collaboration: “Worse for Care” by Derek Brouwer and Andrea Suozzo
  • Social Issue Feature: “HOWLing at the Moon: A Women's Collective Grapples With a Gender-Fluid Future” by Chelsea Edgar
  • Reporting on Religious Issue: “Good News? Evangelicals Are 'Planting' Dozens of Churches in Vermont's Rocky Soil” by Chelsea Edgar
  • Headline Writing: Seven Days Staff
  • Sports Video: “Stuck in Vermont: Green Mountain Athletic Association 10K in Scenic Charlotte” by Eva Sollberger
  • Feature Video: “Stuck in Vermont: The Downes Family Recovers From COVID-19” by Eva Sollberger

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